Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Princess' Man


   Call me Princess.
It's probably the only drama I actually managed to catch up with fairly quickly (I pay the price for it, but pay it gladly). And I have few things in mind. When did Park Shihu become even more awesome?? I mean, I still remember the guy who could barely deliver few lines in Delightful Girl Chun-hyang and now... I'm just amazed. It's probably his first such physical role, and such involving. In most of his dramas, he was just a nice-suit-full-smile guy, but here he's dark and gripping, on the verge of madness. Yet with the eyes of a beaten puppy sometimes. Damn, I love the man.
I have nothing against the drama, and if I had to nitpick (you know it's my hobby) I would say - mirror mirror in the hand. I don't know why I'm so sensitive about mirrors? Maybe it's because of my face? Well... Mirrors they have modern, and there are few scenes when blades are all covered in blood and in another - they are clean. I think I should be on the shooting sites for sageuks.

    Anyway... The ship scene in episode 11 was brilliant. When did I see something like that in Kdrama? Oh right, never. The view of those ships (me likes ships) was simply stunning and the scene of the chaos under the deck was great. And then the frantic run through the forest and Seung-yu killing one of the assassins with cold revenge almost froze the blood in my veins.

   There is so much that appeals to me in this drama. I started to even wonder about the title. What if it's not only about our Se Ryeong but also about Princess Kyeong Hye? Which "Princess' Man" this drama is about? I like the development of the feelings of Kyeong Hye for her husband. She's not fully aware of them yet, but his care and genuine love for her moves her towards him in this dark time.

   Shin Myeon... I really want to hate the man. I find him despicable, driven by petty jealousy and scared by his father he became a blade that wiped down half of the Ministers. He is on the path he can't go back, but one thing amuses me - he really thinks that Se Ryeong will love him seeing blood on his hands? Lying doesn't help, because truth, though often belated, can find its way to surface. He's the type that has two solutions in his situation - either to stick up to it to the bitter end or redeem himself through the death. Tertium non datur. 

   And finally, Jo Seokju appeared on the ship. Kim Roe Ha is known for his mostly bad guy and violent roles, but somehow I always liked the man and seeing him on the list made me smile stupidly (although in How To Meet A Perfect Neighbor he was hilarious).

   And Prince Suyang scares me shitless. End of the story.

   About some other things? I like the moving ending. Usually, in all dramas the end is closed with a still, right? Here the slo-motion is such slow, I don't know the name for such technique, sorry, so bear with my blabbering, but I really like it. And only after few moments it ends with a still. 
Music is also amazing. One piece reminds me of LOTR OST though, not entirely, but I think it's the flute few notes. Have no complaints. The composer of the overall score is Lee Ji Yong.

   And last - dear Ministry of Gender Bullshit and Family Neglecting - please ban this drama. There are more than few reasons. But the most crucial is - episodes 9-11 were filled with blood. 80% of the screentime was just slaughter, and the remaining 20% were plotting or suffering. I think soon on the streets of Korea there will be hordes of young men with swords, slashing everything that moves, and women will write letters to save their beloved with their own blood.

   It's not the drama for everyone. If someone didn't like the cruelty and ugly sides to human in Revenge of Gumiho, one won't like this one. Here the monstrosity of human is even exaggerated. It's a heavy drama. It shows how greedy and manipulative man can be. It shows that truth is just an empty word and forcing own brother to drink poison is justified. Facts can be distorted, kindness dies along with freedom, and all is just a tool in politics. This drama is also filled with politics talks, so beware.
And on the side, like neglected seeds, grows love. Not wanted, crushed but overwhelming and redempting. Of two Princesses and their men.

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