Monday, March 19, 2012

Tei, again Tei

   I have few, unhealthy even, obsessions with voices, and Tei is one of them. I re-discovered his appearance on I'm a Singer from January, and last weekend was divided into this fabulous voice, some Jonghyeon (namely 7 Years of Love) and yea, some Kpop too (read: KRY's 1/3rd).
Not that the rest of my list was abandoned, but the repeat button was almost raeped.

As I presented you 7 Years of Love the last time, now, only the latest songs.

First, the one that caught my (and not only mine) attention - first OST for Mushin, and yes, I haven't presented it here up to now. I spazzed on it someplace else.
Kyuhyeon has a good voice, yet in my mind I imagined this song sung by Ryeowook and I think that would be good too. They have totally different voices, but... he'd fit this song (there's always not enough of Wookie).
As I wrote many times, I have issues with SuJu, but I don't have any issues with sub-unit KRY. If SMent keeps their promise and releases KRY's album, sign me in.
The song "Rain of Blades" is a perfect tempo soundtrack song, it has dynamic precisely cut for such song. Plus, the MV is powerful on its own. 


And now Tei.
Those are audio only because I couldn't find the video for some, or some are songs I ripped from an album.
Some time ago I presented you "Same Pillow" song, so this time something different^^

테이 - 넌 할 수 있어 (강산에):

테이 – 내생애 봄날은(can):

테이 – 내생애 봄날은 (live):

This one is a remake of Fukushima Masaharu:
Tei - 반딧불 (후쿠야마 마사하루 리메이크)

BTW. If any of you know where I can buy his 4th album, Lover, let me know. I don't have monies (plus Infinite's comeback in May is approaching and this nuna is a loyal fan), but I want this album so bad.