Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The (Rooftop) Prince is here

Bow down, you wenches and peasants, before the Royal Derpness!
   I didn't want to write the obvious obviousness, because this drama already appeared on my side bar under "Watching" title, so... So far we have tons of whacky fun, but also a bit of exploring of human soul. It doesn't need to be Kafka-deep for me to be entertaining.


   The story displayed in the first two (especially first) episode was a little confusing. We had not one, but 3 storylines (or even 4 if we want to be meticulous). We had Joseon 2 stories - with kids and adults, and we had contemporary 2 stories - kids and adults. And oh boy, kids rocked it! Where do all those talented kids in Korea come from? I mean, do they have some plantation and they pop up like peas? They even spoke naturally with better Joseon accent than Ha Jiwon with her North Korean. Eh... Those two little girls were amazing in showing such various emotion in such a short time. We got to know their characters at once. In both Joseon time and in modern times, the younger one, cute little bunnyfluff, is a spirited, good-hearted person. The older one could be like that too, but the jealousy turned her heart black. No, not even black. Rotten.

   How could you hurt such precious sunshine? Well, jealousy doesn't ask for reason, it operates on instincts, and the desire to be the very first woman in country for a yangban highly self-conscious girl may be devastating. The older one, Hwa Young, yielded to this dark side (tam tam ta ta tam...) and gracefully caused the incident that resulted in her younger sister's burned face.
The series starts seriously, and I guess it will revert to being so in the course of it. We have a good laugh now, but this time it's mingled with moments that may be described as far from funny.

Note to self: never, ever leave men from Joseon in a room with TV playing. Ever!
  In modern times we have 2 storylines. Two sisters joined by marriage of their parents, Sena and Park Ha. Older Sena is the reminiscence of her Joseon character - self-aware, cruel and cold as an iceberg. That may sound like a bad joke, but I rarely see such evil sibling in Kdrama. Usually, the role of the witch is played by either mother-in-law or own mother, eventually by "America girl", that is first love/that third/whatever girl that comes in the middle of budding romance to mess things up. Here we have her. Lying, egoistic bitch that has no moral restraints. She caused young Park Ha to be taken away in a truck and this way she got rid herself of a problem.

Proud sons of Joseon
   The second plotline is Yong family. Carefree Taeyoung, while in New York, wandering around, getting hit by apples and being unable to ask girl on a date, gets gracefully drowned by Taemu, his cousin, eyeing his place in the family. Taemu has a relationship with Sena, and Taeyoung was hit by Park Ha's apple when she lived and worked in NY. Now, the outline of the story is full.
Taemu, after coming to Korea gets from time to time unpleasant memories of a friend he killed, especially when he meets by chance Park Ha. That reminds me of this scene:
Out, damn'd spot! out, I say!—One; two: why, then
'tis time to do't.—Hell is murky.—Fie, my lord, fie, a soldier, and
afeard? What need we fear who knows it, when none can call our
pow'r to accompt?—Yet who would have thought the old man to
have had so much blood in him?
 (Macbeth Act 5, scene 1, 26–40)

   I have no idea how the whole situation will be solved since Sena reminds our Prince of his beloved Princess. A Princess that has been found dead floating in the pool like "pale Ophelia" (quote rights - Rimbaud). And our Prince swore death to everyone involved in this. There is one interesting fact though. We never saw the Princess' face, so chances are - it was only someone dressed like her. Maybe. Also, poor Taeyoung drowning, maybe he can regain the consciousness and seek the revenge? Hard to tell.

Power Rangers in action.
  SBS has done really good job this year, and Rooftop Prince is quite fresh in terms of certain motifs that are seldom used in Kdramas. Plus, the plot is rich enough to keep it for 20 episodes. We have Park Ha's amnesia after being taken away in a truck, Taeyoung's drowning, Joseon mess, and evil Sena.
Oh, I only wish our Royal Derp would realize sooner than later what kind of woman his Princess was and what kind of monster Sena is. He's blinded by affection now, but maybe someone hits him. With a frying pan.

Idyllic life didn't last long.
   It's always a pleasure to see derp Chun, and here he displays really good, natural acting. Well, the character allows him to make dumb face or show various emotions, so he does this. he doesn't overdo it though. Damn, when did he become such good at acting.
The rest of the cast is perfect as well, I have nothing against anyone from Prince's sidekicks (they ARE personalities), colorful boys (literally) that would protect their Prince even from speeding truck. 
(pay attention how Youngseol crosses the streets, I almost died)
Oh and Chisan as a gisaeng... 

I think our Royal Company will go back to Joseon, and maybe Taeyoung is not dead? That would be my choice, but of course, I accept everything, as long as it makes sense (to me).
Oh, forgot to mention about cute cartooons popping here and there.