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‘JYJ assault controversy’… The media and Sasaeng fans’s violence?

From JYJ3:
“Jaejoong oppa, you’re taking a photograph now, right?”
Sasaeng fans were persistent and swift. Without a doubt, ‘sasaeng fans’ caught up with JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong during his interview with ‘Oh My Star’ last summer.
That day, two females in their early 20s waited at the door of the office anxiously and hired taxis to go after Kim Jaejoong’s car. In the end, it disrupted his schedule. We were certain that his face hardened for a while when he heard about the constant appearances of ‘sasaeng fans’ who were unconcerned about the interview held in the news organization.

In the end, troubles occurred. Actually, the rumor regarding ‘sasaeng fans’ had been disclosed in the fandom websites and the ‘uncomfortable truth’ became a major problem. Meanwhile, a medium revealed a ‘JYJ assault audio file’ in the afternoon of Mar. 6. The voice of Kim Jaejoong swearing at his fans angrily and occasional sounds of assault were recorded in the audio file.
Kim Jaejoong: “It will be better if I am put into prison.” Why?
In the beginning of February, a video of ‘Park Yoochun fan assault’ was circulating on the Internet. At that time, management agency C-JeS explained the misunderstanding and the incident. Once again, the fans spread and refuted an analysis file about the video. While a female fan wanted to place her hand on Park Yoochun’s face, he raised his hand to stop her.
After this, JYJ’s fan assault rumor persisted at the center of various entertainment bulletin boards and fan clubs. The disclosure of this audio file also reached them. This is a review about the existence of ‘sasaeng fans’ and the stress they had caused for idol members.
In particular, the audio exposed Kim Jaejoong’s direct swearing and assault at teenage fans. Strong criticisms about JYJ began to surface again. If one do not understand the freakiness of sasaeng fan culture, it is inevitable that he or she will criticize Kim Jaejoong for saying, “It will be better if I am put into prison” or for complaining about the stress that he received and using abusive language.
Out of all days, the entertainment medium disclosed the audio file on Mar. 6 when JYJ has a South America tour ahead. A spokesperson from the management agency said, “We are in the midst of understanding the information accurately.” It was a situation where they could not disclose anything. It was the time when backlash and conspiracy occurred among the JYJ fans due to the uncomfortable relationship and lawsuit with SM. If so, how should we view the sasaeng fan assault dispute? 

Sasaeng taxi, menstrual blood level, teeming with fans’ criticisms on sasaeng fans
“Meanwhile, of course JYJ and the fandom were harmed by the sasaeng fans. Due to the sasaeng fans’ atrocities, fans who genuinely like JYJ were also criticized. Because of the accidents caused sasaeng taxis, events and performances were delayed several times… However, it is difficult to lodge reports even though it is a crime. The sasaeng fans are really like black decayed teeth…”
After knowing Kim Jaejoong’s assault dispute, a fan complained to the reporter. The fan found recorded accidents and performances that sasaeng fans had harmed general fans who cherished the stars. Of course, the sasaeng fans were a nusiance to the star, management agency and the general fans. The stalker-like behavior of sasaeng fans had already been an object of criticism earlier.
‘Kim Jaejoong told Kwon Jiyong that Sataeks (Sasaeng taxis) was driving him nuts and Kwon Jiyong asked him what they were,’ ‘Collecting menstrual blood and giving them to Kim Junsu’, ‘After invading TVXQ’s accommodation, I kissed Kim Jaejoong oppa’, ’15 Sataeks followed Oppas’ van’.
The above are situations when TVXQ and JYJ fans were harmed due to the sasaeng fans. Using Sasaeng taxis to chase the idols to their lodgings and places where they had schedules, they were causing stress to the idols. Sasaeng fans have taken things too far and their actions can be generally classified under the criminal act of a stalker.
Sasaeng fans that do nothing but violate, learn from Seo Taiji fandom!
To celebrate the 20th anniversary of debut of ‘Seo Taiji and boys’, they have created ‘Seo Taiji Forest’ in a tropical rain forest of Brazil. They have collected donations from fans and created a Seo Taiji Memorial.
The reason that JYJ’s assault controversy can’t be simply took as a case of popular idol group assaulting fan is that, the acts of these ‘Sasaeng fans’ have gotten over the limit. (T/N: a SBS documentary), already pointed out the danger of sasaeng fans in October 2008, in an episode called ‘Fandom reportage – Children who run as sasaeng’.
Indeed, what if this assault controversy becomes a blessing in disguise? This is an opportunity of self-reflection for the sasaeng fans who, under the guise of fans, behave like stalkers.
The stars’ assault and verbal abuse are shocking and are the behavior that can be condemned. But recalling the fact that stars are also human beings and that they also have human rights, we can see that actually, the violence took its beginning from sasaeng fans. It’s the uncomfortable lesson taken from this assault controversy.
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