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JYJ/TVXQ: Plagued By Sasaeng Fans

Translation of an article from JYJ3

After yesterday’s story about JYJ’s sasaeng fans became a hot topic, sympathy towards JYJ from the fans and public have been pouring in.
One fan even alerted Top News about pictures that have been taken over the years by Sasaeng fans.
Though media is to be unbiased and show all sides of a situation, unilateral attacks against JYJ were made by a “D media source” and aroused the anger of many fans.

Sasaeng fans hinder the privacy of the idol stars and stalk them to the point where they are not able to have a properly functioning private life because of harassing behavior. The deep damage inflicted on idols is caused by these sasaeng fans.
JYJ and DBSK, both who have been plagued by sasaeng fans for years, have experienced uncomfortable events in which they were abused both physically and emotionally.
Under the pseudonym “JYJ number 1 honorable fan” a sasaeng posted a stalking picture of Jaejoong sleeping in which she wrote “Jaejoong is now sleeping in a sauna”. She also posted this photo to international boards and it became widespread.
After the news of the sasaengs came out, real journalists searched the internet and found many photos and videos created by these sasaeng fans that infringed on the very privacy of these idol stars.
Informers have stated that “under the guise of saying that they care and love for these idols, sasaengs constantly stay in front of the houses where the idols live and pass information between each other of where the idols eat and who they meet at all times”.
As shown in this picture, for idols there is always someone who is constantly monitoring them and invading every aspect of their privacy. Even when authorities are notified there is not much action taken, so the idols are forced to suffer great anxiety every day. 
Because of the nature of their professions, stars already have little freedom to be able to enjoy a private life away from work, and the presence of sasaeng fans make it even more impossible and deprive these stars of the freedom that every human being should be able to have.
JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong expressed his anger at sasaeng fans last year via twitter.
He talked about sasaeng taxis, which fans hire to follow the idols around wherever they go. The sasaengs either chase the idols 24 hours a day or wait at their house for them to return. Such actions as these create a great psychological stress for the star.
Sasaeng Taxis are hired to pursue an idol and it has been known for there to be many taxis that chase after idol cars all at the same time in order to help young fans follow them.
Last year in March, Park Yoochun posted on his twitter in the early hours of the morning “ah, the frustration…the people in front of my house right now…please go. It’s just too much. Please Go”, complaining about sasaeng fans who stayed in front of his house and yelled up to him in the early morning.
These sasaeng fans, however, not only know the idol’s residence location but also their social security numbers as well as their handphone numbers, both of which they use to track their idols’ every move.
JYJ fans have recently brought up an interview of Kim Jaejoong from 2007 in which he states “I was spending time alone at the Han River so I texted Yoochun to ask if he wanted to come out with me”. He said that after he sent the text message immediately he received one back saying “Who are you and why are you asking Yoochun oppa to come out to meet you?”
Fans even go to the lengths of stalking their idols and stealing personal items such as house keys. These days it is not unusual for sasaengs to make copies of their idols’ house keys and spread them amongst each other, which creates a scary atmosphere for the stars.
In the past Kim Jaejoong has posted messages about sasaengs on his twitter saying: “All five of us have had experiences where we cried on the streets or were invoked in car accidents because of sasaengs” as well as “Do not do this kind of method of showing your love because all it does is shorten our lives”, earnestly trying to stop sasaengs from invading his privacy further.
This type of infringement of privacy against stars is not only illegal, but could also be life threatening to the idols because of serious accidents that could be caused and also from the misery that the fans inflict on these stars.
The recent debates surrounding JYJ have brought up thoughts on the nature of sasaengs themselves; how they do not fit into the category of fans, and the miserable relation that exists between these sasaengs and the idols whom they stalk.
Those who have joined in this debate all seem to hope that an end to these sasaengs will come soon.
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