Monday, March 19, 2012

Hero - antihero

   So I watched first, over 1.45 hour long episode of it and have one thing to say - I'm sold. Proper sci-fi series with visible OCN style and technique. Few minor flaws that don't undermine the overall quality of this drama. No, no drama, a series. 

We have Korea in the future. And the settings are perfect for all disturbing images - dystopian world ruled by raw power and nothing else.
First, Kim Heukcheol is a prick who thinks buying a drink and shoving his wallet will get him a girl. But problem is - he messed with the wrong girl. I-on is not the type that takes men's doubtful flattery easily.
Our hero-not-hero is a son of the president, currently running the election campaign, and the son that such politician can't be proud of. His brother, on the other hand, Myeongcheol, is a cold-assed bastard that has only one trait differentiating him from the criminals - he's on the right side of the law, meaning - he's practically untouchable. Lowlifes like some common people are absolutely out of his scope of caring (read: giving a tiniest fuck).

Second, the politics are morally shady in all times and all countries. I guess movie makers need this safety net that is 'futurology' to bitch about current situation just under the nose of mighty people. Because Kim Hun (father of those two mentioned above) steps to nothing if it means he can win in the votings. By the end of the episode it turns out he switched the ballots and boxes storing them, having Lee Jae In (Ootani Ryouhei) blow them up in a truck.
So we basically have a dictatorship, with one man and the army of his people. He's hated though, but I guess this leaves no slightest wrinkle on his face.

Omg, he's beating a woman!! Call crazy political correctness forum!!
The drama starts with the carnage in a church. First episode is quite brutal, so to just warn everyone. We have nice kids singing Christmas carols when suddenly Jae In walks in and demands the promised gift. Bad luck - a petty, mute thief was there first (unbeknownst to everybody of kors) and while smashing the jar of coins, he found the key that he took. When our young thief was leaving (crawling somehow to safety), he witnessed the execution of the priest, and he resolutely recorded all with his phone. Later he presented this recording to I-on stating clearly that Kim Hun was talking about a different criminal during the funeral mass.
So, Jae In doesn't take no for an answer and let his guys open fire there. The priest wasn't the only victim there.

I don't want to reveal all, because this is fast paced, futuristic story with good cast and filmograaphy. Cars blowing up could be a little better, but I will not complain, comparing to notorious idiocies in usual main three stations dramas. Cast is good, as I mentioned, main hero is nowhere near pretty boy, but this is exactly the image of a sleazy douche that is being reborn (not joking, he was kinda returned to life and given the ability to heal his body fast) as a hero when facing the hypocrisy and unjust treatment of usual people. Well, the death of a certain petty thief helped in realizing he has the ability he HAS to put in use.
Son Byeongho as Kim Hun is great as bottomlessly cold and dark politician. Jo Jaeyun, my personal favorite in this show, simply rocks as detective Young Jun. I wasn't that sure about Choi Cheolho before that (he wasn't that impressive) but here he really shows something. He can look dark, that's true.

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