Monday, March 05, 2012

A bad drama

   The worst drama-llama is always, always the one connected with real life. Taking a break from seonggol and jingol, I just have to vent my frustration. No, not The Diva, although second teaser is already out for Love (b)Rain. He annoys me to the point of numbness lately, so I don't even have the will to bash. I'm annoyed more with so-called critics and them self-proclamed writers (like me, kkk). Few years back when our gang of lovely ladies (and some bitches) met on D-A, it was a lively place, tons of posts everyday, cat-fights, laughter and tears, now only wind echoes in this deserted, god forsaken place... People moved elsewhere, and half of them started either blogs, lj communities, or other places no one cares. Ghosts of drama past are roaming around only.

   Hallyu, for better or for worse, is more and more popular, more and more people are watching dramas, listening to music etc. This prompted some to believe they are the core of K-phenomenon phase. What irritates me the most is these people's ignorance. They say ignorance is a bliss, so they are probably the happiest folks on this planet.
I'm allergic to one specific statement. "I'm sure you never heard of..." (other variation: "I'm not sure you know it..."). I feel blinded with rage when I hear something like that. And I feel the need to wipe the blade with such people's incestines.
Why people bet on other people ignorance? The fact you don't know something doesn't equal to others not knowing this. I remember my sister (I told that story already, it's my favorite) told me what one of her professors said once during the lecture on linguistics. "I bet no one of you knows, but Chinese is an isolating language". My sister, unwillingly mostly, was told about some aspects of Far-Eastern languages, Chinese including. But the guy treated her (and the whole group) like a bunch of idiots.

Similar to this was an article on Kpop in one of my local magazines. The writer clearly watched maybe 5 videos, and about Kpop she read somewhere on the occasion of Big Bang winning MTV Worldwide Act Award. So yes, she didn't even check her facts, she wrote they are 'some boys with gel on hair'. That was her depiction of (like it or not) the most influential group in Kpop. Writing an article on Kpop cannot be done by watching 5 videos from 2011. It's just 5% of what Kpop really is.

When I hear from Kpop neofites "I don't know if you know it", I'm deaf for a moment. Bitch, I was listening to Kpop when you were treating your acne in middle school!
But I only smile and say: "Oh, so it's: a) from their this-and-this album, b) the drama where..." This shuts them down immediately.
Of course, for being a fan, time does not matter. You may be a great 6-month long fan, and you may be exposed to some trend for 10 years and still nothing. It's not the point, it does not matter. What matters is broad-minded attitude. I do have a good memory, I read dozens of webpages daily, and I really enjoy that. But I listened to now-called Kpop when I had no freaking idea what Hallyu was. I couldn't even remember what DBSK stood for.
There are some people I see online for years. There are those who have Shinhwa's CDs. I'm not that old, yes. So saying "oh, I'm sure you have no idea what I'm talking about" is just stupid. Maybe there is one person who knows, and who can correct your two-week knowledge of some band.

Other thing that irritated me over past few weeks is doubtful journalism. I mocked and I bashed Nate journalism, yeah, but it's contagious. Hancinema had few articles written by obviously mentally challenged fangirls that have no will/talent enough to write a story/fanfic, but they want to kyaa novertheless. So they write how to Be Lee Minho's sweetheart? or Pick your dream guy. And I was bashed for criticizing that sort of articles! Because I can, this is why!
There are also some polar opposites to those. Those who make reviews as if everything should be Lars von Trier-ish piece of art. Duchamp also created what others called art, but sorry, I don't get any orgasm seeing a urinal, even called "Fountain". it's a urinal, dammit, not an art.
The same goes for critics.
Them critics call anything that doesn't meet their standards of 'transcendent, profound, meaningful' a crap, unworthy of even wasting 5 seconds on this. Fact, some dramas/movies/music is bad. But not everyone is freaking elitist who thinks only meaningful and deep works should be created.
Greatest Love, objectively speaking, is a bad drama. Horrible script, bad directing, ugly music. Yet, I enjoyed it immensely. Why? Because I need some low yet pure entertainment. But some haughty critics say "this-and-this" it's just a crap without anything good in it. What about entertaining? Not all dramas have to depict hardships of life, meaning of life and mystery of death. 
Oh, there is one exception - Bury Me, Mary. This drama does not have anything, anything to praise.

SuJu/SHINee have horrible music. That's a fact, but that doesn't mean I have to put them in a garbage can cause it's not Aretha Franklin. I have... oh no, it's actually KRY sub-unit and 1/5th of SHINee on my winamp, so the rest is invalid, kkk. Everything has its positive and negative aspects. By saying one hates pop (Kpop, or other), one hates many, countless, artists with capital A. Just because they are in the basket with POP on it. And if you hate Tei, I will find you and ... "I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord..." (Ezekiel 25:17)

That reminds me the trend we have here in my place with sci-fi books/movies etc. Critics for years (especially in those 'high-society-and-hipster-thinking magazines) try to twist plots of sci-fi movie/books etc.
For them, some fantasy book is not about damn quest for dragon's lore (example), but it's Freudian journey to the deepest layers of subconsciousness, and the dragon symbolizes the ultimate truth human mind can never achieve.
No, for fuck's sake, it's a quest for dragon's lore/bone/eye/whatever. Nothing more, nothing less.
Lord of The Rings is a parabole of rise and fall of the US Empire, small countries, blah blah... We read that too. How hard is to take things as they are? There are books/movies/dramas/music that in fact has some meaning, but let's not overreact. Rooftop Prince, according to them critics, is not worthy of spitting on. I'm going to watch it. For the lulz.

Article targets mostly brainless Kpop 14-yo fangirls. That's all.

Hoya is somewhat right.