Saturday, March 03, 2012

Some music in March

I just got back and I'm on YT spree. I bet all those names sound already familiar to you, but since I have this strange urge to share what I fancy right now, the videos.
No Tei this time :(

I do like live performances.

First, Jeong In - Rainy Season (정인 - 장마)


You may already read me mentioning Ok Juhyeon. 옥주현 (Ock joo hyun) 천일동안 LIVE: 

Park Wankyu 박완규 (Park wan kyu) - 천년의 사랑 (060825, Live) 

Yi Younghyeon - one of Big Mama project. 이영현 (Lee young hyun) - 체념 (Resignation) (101224, Live) 

Kim Beomsu 김범수 - I was hesitating between this and "Please".

And any list is incomplete without Jonghyeon. Just please, record a solo and I'll buy even if the lyrics will be equal to instructions of how to use a dishwasher. 

7 Years Of Love - Jonghyun