Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dummy Mommy

   This drama is my guilty pleasure. I started to watch this because of Shin Hyeonjun, and oh boy, he delivers! I've been always walking on a brink of war with SBS productions, but this year, it's the best broadcast so far from all main three. Salaryman, Rooftop and this one. Sadly, this drama doesn't get that much love, but maybe it will change when Kim Jeonghun will get more screentime, so that his fangirls will watch and swoon.
This is another drama that is based on a book, this time "Babo eomma" published in 2005. Maybe this is why it has a slightly different feel to it.

   The very first episode was packed with facts and did what Kdramas do best - threw us just in the middle of situation, no starting point, no beginnings. We are already served with characters and their problems.
And they have problems. Our main heroine, Youngju is a serious businesswoman aware of financial problems her company has (I'm a bit tired of fashion companies in Kdramas lately, but since it's based on a freaking book, I have no right to complain. Blame author. Oh, and invent a time machine to go back 7 years), burdened with pending separation and divorce with her dick-of-a-husband and hatred her own kid displays towards her. That's not the end of her problems, because Youngju hides one, dark secret - her intelectually backwarded siblings. Two digits IQ. Her sister, Seonyoung, is a very kind-hearted but quite dumb person. But she has great cooking skills, though. Trying to surprise her sister, she arrives to Seoul, to her house (unaware of changing in house owner) with packs of home-made food. This way she meets with Choi Goman, a freak among freaks.

   All characters have problems here, and as I mentioned, those are not "my boyfriend didn't buy me a bag for 100th day anniversary" kind of problems, but some weird, yet real ones.
There are things we like to keep secret. In the case of Youngju it's her family. She herself is a very smart, talented and successful. She's regarded as someone with, obviously, great background. and she's ashamed of her family. Her husband, Professor of Law is a cheating bastard that plays a nice and easygoing father to their child just to make his wife look like a bitch from hell (well, she's kinda is one, so...).

Bad thing is, I can understand Youngju's reasons for the way she behaves and lives. She's forcing her kid to be a smart one as if out of fear of this 'dumb' trait that flows in her genes.
Oh yes, and Choi Goman is a freak.
It's hard to say this early of the drama direction. But as for me, I'm pleasantly surprised by it. And I'm watching!

The trailer:

I'm not very fond of food dramas, because they make me want to lick my screen and spend my last money on some delicious treats, but this zucchini salad looks so sin-worthy I'm speechless.

Damn you Kdramas!! damn you to hell for showing such food!!