Monday, March 26, 2012

48th Baeksang Awards

   No, the ceremony will be held in April, but I started to stalk their website (link courtesy of KingKong Ent), and I came accross "popularity" part. Voting is from 3 parties: websites like Nate, Olleh, phone calls, and android app. Until April 23rd.

Now, the popularity excerpts:

1. Shin Hagyun (Front Line) - 41.3%
2. Jang The Diva Geunseok (You Fag Pet) - 31%
3. Gong Yu (Dogani) - 6.9%
7. Ha Jeongwu (Nameless Gangster) - 2.5%

1. Park Yucheon (Miss Ripley) - 51.5%
2. Kim Jaejung (Protect the Boss) - 36%
3. Kim Suhyeon (MoonSun) - 4.4%

The rest of the list is here, and it will change.


Nameless Gangster, Sunny, Punch, Unbowed, Helpless,

The Princess' Man, The Greatest Love, Brain, Deeprooted Tree, Moon That Embarrasses Embraces the Sun,

Actor (main):
Gong Yu, Kim Yunseok, Park Haeil, Ahn Seonggi, Choi Minshik

Actress (main):
Kim Minhee, Son Yejin, Shim Eunkyeong, Eom Jeonghwa, Jeong Ryeowon

Actor (second):
Kim Seonggyun, Yi Gwangsu, Yi Jaehun, Ju Won

Actress (second):
Kang Sora, Go Ara, Kim Hye-eun, Suzy, Oh Nara,