Friday, March 25, 2011

JYJ - World Tour and videos

I sent a complaint letter to C-JeS Entertainment. I don't care anymore, I'm not going to be quiet. The "international" KNG website screwed me royally and didn't care to reply to any of my 3 messages, so I removed the links from my bookmarks. I will not die a less happy woman if I'm not going to be a member there. But I'm really pissed off about their attitude toward Europe. Hell, there are people in Menacing Western Countries too! There are people who would like to support someone, even if the support meant  only writing the cheering up messages on the board. We did make someone cry last year, we can make someone smile! This is what I firmly believe in.
To calm myself, I watched some videos. 
And I have to say one thing - Junsu is growing tremendously on me.
Kim Jaejung will be the director for their show, and they will start 4월 2일, and the whole tour has the concept called ‘창의적 도전(Creative challenge)’. Yeah, right, the challenge would be to come to Europe, dammit!!
Oh yes, I know, the costs of something like that would be higher than the actual profit, so the agency doesn't want to invest in a 100% certain loss, but please, pretty please, with cherry on top, just don't close the websites at least for stupid, naive people in Europe.
Videos sorted by date, I also added the videos and pics for Mozart! with Junsu collected by some nice soul^^

(just bear with Lee Byung Hun at the beginning)

Message for Japanese fans in both Korean and Japanese:

The whole folder:
password: hangukmunhwa

more to come tomorrow in a separate post.