Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sageuk research

   I'm asking for help in my upcoming project on sageuk drama. If you can, please reply to the following questions. The thread with them is on D-A already, but you can reply here anonymously.
Sageuk drama research. 

1. Why are you interested in sageuk drama?
2. Do you think the cast fits the genre? How are they dealing with different settings?
3. Are those dramas historically accurate?
4. Do they make you want to expand your interest in Korea?
5. What part of korean traditional culture you like/appreciate the most?
6. Do those drama make you look for more information?
7. Have you ever read/buy book after watching sageuk to deepen your understanding of the history shown?
8. What aspect of the shown history you like the best? (costumes, action, music, language, customs, etc.)?
9. What is the reason of their popularity abroad?
10. Your own opinion, reflections on sageuk drama? 

Thank you for even one sentence for each.