Friday, March 04, 2011

Music, music

   I'm in a mood for some traditional Korean music, this is why I'm listening to old DBSK. Ekhem... no wait, wrong blog... Speaking of which, I read that their first album is on re-sale in Japan. Do they mean their acoustic one, ufufufu...?

Three albums and one song. First one is OST (2 songs) for New Tales of Gisaeng. And I like the second song 여악지가. I like the drama too, it's a nice mixture of fun and serious issues. I have to pick it up since I left it at 5th episode, eh...
The next one is TeTe - Romantico. Nice rock-ish band, quite new album. And soothing.
And last - an album from 2007, but I discovered it while looking for more Yun Dohyeon, keke. Noisy and loud album, but some like it loud^^

And now one tenor singer born May 7, 1986 - Im Hyeongju.
His voice gives me tiny goosebumps. Not exactly the same scale of goosebumps as Mr. Hong Kwangho, but I think this boy can sing.