Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Tales of Gisaeng: some stills

I opened random episode and made some stills^^

The thing is, I can't wait for the weekend.

So we meet again, Chairman Ha^-^

This is a really messed up relationship. She wants him, he wants her. She doesn't want to impose her status, he doesn't want to acknowledge it. What I find refreshing in their relation is the fact that they add another layer to it with another episode. They show another side to it. Sure, it started as "trial", but they were both honest about their motives and physical attraction and this is rare in Kdramas. Usually girl is all shy and is more willing to die torn apart by horses than touch a guy's hand. Those two are adults. And their imagination sometimes makes me laugh so hard, I have to stop the video.
Plus, swimming lesson was... cold shower inducing. But yeah, it's probably me.
Just wondering about Rara's payback... Ufufufu...