Saturday, March 26, 2011

Korean Youngsters Unhappier Than Chinese, Japanese

   Hmm, the survey doesn't look that good, but as every survey, it has to be taken with a grain of salt. I don't trust any of the polls and sociology. Sociology takes some cell and treats it as the whole tissue. Polls and ratings don't have any impact on me either. But one thing is sure - in many societies youngsters are less and less happy. I know in my place it's the same.
Young Koreans are significantly less happy than their counterparts in China and Japan, a survey suggests. The survey by the National Youth Policy Institute under the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family polled some 4,579 middle and high school students in the three countries and found that 71.2 percent of Korean students say they are happy, compared to 92.3 percent in China and 75.7 percent in Japan.

The wide-ranging poll also asked the youngsters whether they would do anything for their country in an emergency. Some 48 percent of Korean respondents said yes, up from 38 percent in a 2007 survey, compared to a massive 83.7 percent of young Chinese and a mere 23.9 percent of young Japanese.

When it comes to satisfaction with family life, Korean students were last with 80.3 percent, following 92.6 percent in China and 81.1 percent in Japan.

Asked whether they feel they could achieve their dream jobs, 97.5 percent of students in China said yes, followed by 80.8 percent in Korea and 55.7 percent in Japan. Korean youngsters also seem more dependent on their parents. Only 65.3 percent believe that they should not expect any financial help from their parents when they marry, compared to 79.4 percent of their Chinese and 74.7 percent of their Japanese counterparts.

About two thirds of young Koreans feel that the reunification of the Korean Peninsula is necessary. But only 23.3 percent said it is "very necessary," down nearly half from a similar survey in 2008, while 43.7 percent said "fairly necessary." The question was given only to Korean respondents. / Mar. 08, 2011 07:25 KST