Monday, March 07, 2011

Yucheon praised^^

Ah, damn... I have good eyes. And yes, I'm bragging, I'm not humble. *shrugs*
But since I'm stupid, I started to translate this article during my "consultation hour", ekhem, but then by accident found out that hancinema reported it. So yes, my laziness took over.

Nate news 2011-03-05

JYJ's internet broadcast on the 5th "ilovejyjcom" was founded as a special broadcast, "Yoochun Day".
Having worked with Yoochun in the KBS 2TV drama "Sungkyunkwan Scandal", Kim Kap-soo said in the video message, "Yoochun is my junior from high school".
"I knew that he was my junior and went to the set looking forward to meeting him but I didn't recognize him standing right next to me".
He continued to compliment him, "I knew he was a singer but he acted very naturally. If it's possible I would like to work with him again. He is shy and doesn't talk much but he is unlike those nowadays and is kind, earnest and polite".
He concluded, "I hope JYJ can show off whatever talent they have got".
Meanwhile, in the JYJ internet broadcast, Monday, "Superstar JYJ", Tuesday "JYJ Ranking Show", "Atilissa News", Wednesday "Nihongoski", "You've Got Mail", Thursday "JYJ Pedia", "Personal Taste", Friday "Surplus Special" corners will be broadcasted.

I need more hours in my days!! More hours!!! I neglect everyone on my list recently, eh,life...