Saturday, March 19, 2011

접속 무비월드 2011-03-19 - JJY cut

   OK, let me regain my senses. I was making some lunch, cutting kimchi while watching this show, when suddenly I heard some guy said something about Jeong Jaeyoung's voice. Good thing I didn't hold anything boiling. So I had no other choice than cut it. It wasn't about this man, but there was an interview with Jang Jin, the director of new omnibus movie, Romantic Heaven. For those who can't link Jang Jin and Mr. Jeong, few titles that the former directed: Quiz King, Righteous Ties, Someone Special, Guns And Talks (yeye!!). And he was a scriptwriter to: Public Enemy Returns, The Big Scene, Going By The Book, Righteous Ties, Welcome to Dongmakgol, Someone Special. Still nothing? Well, in all those movies JJY appeared, either as the character or the cameo.
That made me want to watch Going By The Book Again... damn...

You can watch the cut here:

Info on Jang Jin taken from hancinema:
Writer/director JANG is known as one of the most distinctive voices to emerge out of the Korean cinema renaissance that began in the late 1990s. From the time he broke into the realm of theatre in 1995 with critically acclaimed plays like < Heotang >, he has developed a unique style that mixes humor, melodrama, and a keen observation of society. JANG's experience in film first began back in 1995 when he assisted with the screenplay of the critically acclaimed < A Hot Roof >. After directing a short film, he dedicated himself to debuting as a film director, and in 1998 his first feature < The Happenings > was screened at the Pusan International Film Festival. JANG's biggest box-office success to date was with < Guns & Talks (2001) >, a comedy about four talkative assassins that was a major hit in Korea, and is also being remade for the Chinese market. Besides these feature films, he also never ceased to participate in short film festivals such as the Environment Film Festival, and the Seoul Human Rights Film Festival.