Friday, March 04, 2011

Bad, bad army

   I'm frustrated. It's cold here (although today was +15 degrees, whoohoo!) in my flat, and the cold gets on my nerves too easily. And when I'm ticked off, I may be a little harsh. Oh, btw. new The Diva pics from Japan are all over the net. Kim Haneul looked all embarassed. She probably wasn't, but those stills gave such impression. Anyway, I have strong resolution to finish Secret Garden (at last), but my strong will may be crumbled by something else. I'm slacking lately with reviews, but have no time for this. Mondays became suddenly so heavy and tense, so I have to give up my weekends to prepare for it.

But since this week is sponsored by letter J like Jihun, some random pics. Credits as watermarked, from various websites.
Curl - check
Make-up - check
Male gender - check
Is it really that difficult?