Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nightmares domino

It's always like this, when one bad thing happens, it always causes other bad things to follow (I almost wrote "bed", ekhemm). I know I'm beating the dead horse, cause the news are all over the place at least for 2 weeks, but I can't believe it still.
That crap being Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, jdrama.
SM Entertainment (another reason for hatin' to add. This way, the mountain of my disdain has overgrown Himalayas) plans to remake that... that something. I'm within the minority on Earth that hated that drama with all my might. I didn't read the manga, but I doubt it would turn me into feverish fan of abovementioned series. So OK, bring it on, SMEnt, I can take everything! I'm starting my training routine today anyway!

Some updated disturbing images follow, so be prepared.

The first bad news was Lee Dahae's casting in Miss RIPley. OK, lots of alcohol, abundant Yucheon's charm and I may go on with it. Training my finger to ffd also.

And as for Hana Kimi, I hated everything in this drama. I didn't find it funny, amusing, entertaining, bearable... Bad acting, bad script, bad everything. Some people are complaining that Korean version will be tamed, not that funny and wild as the Japanese version. Fine, I hate overacting, and all in Hana Kimi were acting as if on some Ecstasy. I managed to watch it for full 40 minutes of the first episode. The gallery of freaks was just not for me.
And I have really high tolerance for idiocy, but this one has beaten me unconscious. 

But to make me happy for a while, I prepared the main cast for the drama. Allow me to present:

Two male leads:
 They are from SMEnt, they are both male. I guess they met all criteria.

Female lead:
S-line achieved, so met with all criteria. 
Not everyone of the cast has to be from SMEnt, right?

The Theatre Guy:
The one and only. Korea's very own... ekhem... Heechul.

The dorm leader:
The script requires nothing, so he met all the criteria. 
Not SMEnt, but who cares? This will boost the ratings.