Sunday, March 20, 2011

Junsu and Jonghyeon^^

 Heavenly voice - JYJ Kim Junsu

   The fangirl in me just had a small knot^^. I was watching Entertainment Weekly from yesterday, and there was a ranking of the high voices. I know, not everyone likes guys/girls singing the high notes, but believe me, it's a really hard work. My sister did a reasearch once on it and all I know, I know from her. So, number 4 on the list was Kim Junsu whose singing just blew me off. Not only me, the jury was in shock as well. I thought: Hmm, what a pity Jonghyeon wasn't on the list... but suddenly, the number 2 spot was taken by him! Wahahaha!!!
IU took the winning place, but the girl is training to reach 4 octaves and that means something.


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