Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Upcoming drama

Uhm... After bland opening of the year it looks like the Spring will bring some more interesting dramas.  Ah, hell, I'm not counting the three of 2011 dramas, because I'm sure I will end up liking them in solitude. But it's not shooing the sleep away anyway. I realized, after the new semester started, that the more I have to do, the better I can manage my schedule. Suddenly I found time for 3 drama to watch. The fourth is coming tomorrow^^.
The Discovery of Affection - tells the story of an actress who is slightly over her glorious day and her relationship with an actor who is in the peak of his popularity. The screenwriters are... wait for it... Hong sisters! So I think everyone knows what to expect.
The Princess' Man - (after hancinema) A project that focuses on the tragic relationship between King Sejong's second son. General Sooyang and Kim Jong-seo. With the "Gaeyu-jungnan" as the basic structure, this is a historical version of "Romeo and Juliet" between General Sooyang and Kim Jong-seo, General Sooyang's daughter and Kim Jong-seo's son. This one is scheduled to July, so not that soon, and maybe even the title will change, but looks good. 

SMEnt stated it will re-make Hana Kimi (Hanazakari no kimitachi e). I just have one question - WHY?? This drama was so bad, so loud, so stupid I barely sit through the first episode. I can't believe one of my friends (hey, 葉者!!) watched it few times, and even the special... brr... Everything was not right with that drama. But I guess this will be a good opportunity to show some minam faces, it was, after all, ikemen school. And SMEnt has loots of pretty faces at its whim. SHINee's the first that comes to mind. Ohoho...

Festival - And last, but definitely not least, a drama that I'm anticipating with the same pure heart as Marry Me, Merry Men in Tights.
Synopsis after hancinema: "Festival" is based on an Art University and is about those who run towards their dreams with sweat, tears and sweet love. (oh, I trust they'll take shower in between, cause if they don't, I hope they won't run towards me).
In the drama Park Sin-hye is a tough and lively girl as well as a gayageum prodigy, Kyu-won. Jeong Yong-hwa is cold city guy and applied music and guitar prodigy Sin, who will be spreading out sweet love scenes with Park Sin-hye.
Uhmm...  Park Shinhye didn't impress me in YAB. She didn't impress me in Cyrano Agency. But as much as she annoys me, I don't actually have any feelings for her, be they negative or positive. Jeong Yonghwa on the other hand is a plain wooden plank. I think I will write a petition to MBC officials asking for Kim The Table Hyeonjung as the second male cast. That would fill my big hearth with nice logs and my cold, bitter days would brighten and warm. So that the charcoals of what will be left out of first My Pet stills (after I'm done with them) would be covered with another layer.
After nothing to bash since Mary Should Stay In Hell I feel the growing urge to do it. It's not good for your health to keep all your emotions clogged up. My doctor told me that. Oh, my doctor's name?