Thursday, March 17, 2011

Park Yucheon in "Miss Ripley" confimed

  Normally I would have to take some horse tranquilizer, but the female cast in this drama is making my blood stop. Park Yucheon (I wonder when hancinema will stop calling him by this *!&^%$#$ nickname) is confirmed to star in MBC drama Miss Ripley. That means - both brothers were snatched by MBC, keke.

   Drama will follow up The Duo, and start broadcasting in May. I don't have any problems, for this bright boy I would watch even a drama about veterinary surgeon or about the bridge constructors if only... Yes, if only his female counterpart was someone else than Lee Dahae. She didn't impress me in any of her work. Ok, this was an understatement. She annoyed the hell out of me. She may have the face of an angel, but as for me her acting is horribly lacking. I can turn the blind eye on someone who is just debuting, but not on "a star" with already established career. I barely went through My Girl (she plus LJK was too much as for me) and I had such overwhelming need to fast-forward all her scenes in Chuno...
The story? The story is about a girl who will do anything to succeed, and she even falsified her Uni diploma on her way.
Well, I think even seemingly not interesting excerpt like that may turn out into nail-bitting story. It all depends on the writers, director and cast. I would love to see Gong Hyojin instead, if I had to name any actress for this part.
Lee Dahae, why, oh why...