Monday, September 20, 2010

KNG... video, sadly one

   Maybe few videos. If this works. I planned to put some others earlier, but it looks like they overwrite each other and instead of 5 different, I have 5 exactly the same ones.
That's my luck again. Blogger hates me, I guess.
Nope, it doesn't work...
Nothing works today.
After frustrating hours at work, that's not the end of my adventures. I bought a ticket for a street-car, and validated it right after entering (yes, I don't want any encounter with nice, big gentlemen who check the tickets occasionally^^), and as I wanted to play some music, I put the ticket between lips (starts like a good por... emm... erotic. Damn, such picture on the left and "erotic" is just... nevermind...) and since I'm stupid and was in no hurry, I wrote a message to my dongsaeng, I started the music player, got the earplugs, and finally put my phone in the pocket. Then I took the ticket. The tingling sensation on my lips was as if I ate a lemon, but I paid no attention, since "I'm going Slightly Mad" started to play. After some time I caught terryfied gaze of two small girls (I can't tell the kids' age, forgive me, for me they are all 5 and then 18). I tried to smile at them (because I know what impression I can make, haha!), and then I felt metallic and salty liquid on my teeth. Quick look at the window-glass... and yes, <----------- that was me. Maybe without fangs. With the ticket, I removed the skin from my lip. Funny as hell.
I mean, why even such things keep pouring on me??
What have I done in my previous lifes?
Or, I know, not being an oppa-girl, and genetically brain-deprived kyaaa breed has finally paid off.
First video:
AD HOC making: