Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hong Kwangho

   Forget about sissy idols. Forget about sqeaking voices and not hitting the notes.
There are many manly voices in Korea, Yoon Dohyun, Lee Seungyul, etc., but this talented young man just comes and shows everyone their place.
My first contact with his voice? I guess like many others - Queen Seondeok OST, and Balbambalbam. I had goosebumps everytime I heard it in the drama and while listening to the OST.
Lately I started to stalk him.
Born: 1982-04-06
He's mainly stage musical actor. His only movie was 70 70 Go! (which I liked btw.). He performed in Phantom of the Opera, Sweeney Todd, and many, many other musicals. In Sweeney Todd (and this is the information for those who watch I Am Legend) the role of Mrs. Lovett played Hong Jimin, she plays the bass player Hwaja^^, and she has fabulous voice).
Listen to some of his songs.
His voice is huge, resounding, captivating, haunting...
I'm on my way to cut his another performance^^ I did it.

Here you have beautiful song 사랑했지만:

And from Sweeney Todd:

Playlist of videos on Daum Cafe

And video specially from me, for all Queen Seondeok admirers out there^^


And album version: