Friday, September 10, 2010

Team Potato - Aja!

    Potato. A potato plant is a leafy vegetable. It has a thick, uneven shaped plant stem (tuber) that grows underground. This eatable tuber is also called a potato. Potatoes have a thin skin that is usually red, yellow, or brown. Inside the potato is pale flesh. (from:
Hmm... I really spent sleepless nights trying to find this one and only potato that has two legs, two arms and it was talking (singing occasionally). I'm sorry, I couldn't.
But! It seems like this nice vegetable (nomen omen) has made its way to some Ladies' hearts. While reading their perfect and tremendous achievements in poetry, I decided to give my furor poeticus a way. But first, poems of those distinguished Ladies.
Why did we do it? Because of being surprised how can a healthy young man be called "potato". Just because of that.
They say potatoes ain't fancy
Their association is fat
But I don't want some pancy
No short lived fad

They say potatoes ain't fancy
Neither is a shaved head
But I don't want some nancy
I prefer a fine lad

They say potatoes aint fancy
Rather go for diamond-clad  

 But I don't want them antsy
 I dig thewy instead.

We honored and loved you
Our handsome young spud
Then fame stole your mind, love
And now you're a dud

We thought you a flower
A promising bud
But now you've gone bonkers
You're just plain ol' mud.

Does it really matter
We just want our hero
To get a bit fatter

If he read our chatter
And ate some patatas
I think he would feel good
And stop all the clatter
of Bling and we all would
Be happy once more. 

And me:
I dreamt of potato - and potato came
I dreamt of sweet milk - and this milk has poured.
Now there's no one but me to blame
That this potato no one but us allured.

No one likes potato, tho' it's healthy and nice
Everyone loves french fries - they have better shape.
So in order to be it, world needs sacrifice
And seems like potato from fate can't escape.

And now, the perfect way of making French fries out of the potato:


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