Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ju Jihun

Time for a statement. 
Ju Jihun
Born on May 16, 1982.
Currently in the military.
One of my first true Korean crushes from before. Yes, because neither JJY nor KNG, nor ACH were my "crushes". They are gods. Period.
First thing I saw with Ju Jihun was The Devil. No, not Goong. After that, I watched Goong right away in 2 days, getting blood eyes like the evil Ha In Soo (from SKKS, but I was blinking at least, ekhem). And after that Antique came. This movie deserves special post and so will be. Jihun is this one person I have deep in my heart because of few reasons.
When I was watching him in Goong, I was: "Damn, this doll has the most beautiful smile in the Universe!", but in the same time I thought he was completely restrained, blocked and awkward. Some scenes were just perfect and some looked like if he played in some school play. After some research I got to know it was his first drama where he was a lead. OK, his first drama, don't count the previous one. In The Devil he was much better, more versatile, although the character he played was even colder than Prince Shin. More complicated, to just add. Mawang was blue, cold blue and I remember clearly this freezing gaze he appeared with. After this time, after watching many dramas, I still find The Devil (Mawang) as one of the bests.
Goong was totally different. It was teen, it was cheezy, bustling with youthfulness of Yun Eunhye crushed by the coldness of the lonely Prince. If we were to analyse Goong closely, it's not all that sweet drama at all.

And I maintain my opinion that Ju Jihun is one of the most talented young actors out there. Or at least a solid one. He started late, that is why he has two movies and three dramas. Little as for now. I was delighted seeing his facial changes, his reactions, his body language in every drama, and especially in Antique.
Actually, Jihun in Antique won me over once more. As I said, I like Koreans with mustache, I loved his lousy image in this movie. And I was even more delighted seeing his improvement both here and in The Kitchen.
But then news broke out. Jihun was busted for taking drugs twice: once in some club and the second time - in the house during a party. He was found with Ecstasy and Ketamine. It was around April last year, if I'm not mistaken. He sought forgiveness of the public opinion and fans, he disapeared for a half year and in February this year he went into the army. And he's doing just fine, he was awarded, and starred in an army musical along with *cough*Lee Junki*cough*. But...
There is this but (butt??). Drugs in Korea is almost a death sentence for a celebrity. I saw with my own eyes what was happening on different fora last year, when everyone backed off calling him a "junkie" and bashing every his appearance and word. And the louder those voices were, the more I wanted to support him. No matter what.
Well, I had the experience with Kangta anyway.

This is how it works.
There was this young man once. He was very talented, famous and fragile. He started to do drugs. And drugs killed him. Since 1999 he's been watching over me. That is why I can't bash Jihun. That is why I'm on his side. That is why I understand him. Black and white are good for penguins and cows, I like to draw with pencil, I know how the grey scale works.
And this is why, despite all my obsessions, my many men I admire, when I start to support one, only amnesia or death can stop me from keeping this. So far only 3 people survived full year of attention. 2 people survived 4 (including one year of oblivion due to the hectic work). One person survived over 11 years in my heart.
Not bad, eh?
And the other reason why I'm still after his career? I really do think he has a talent.

Yes, this time, a serious post. I have something like this up my sleeve. Mehehe. This won't take long though, don't worry... 걱정하지마세요, ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ...