Thursday, September 02, 2010

Veni, Vidi, non Vici

   I crossed my own personal Rubicon. I broke my own principles. I violated my own laws. I watched Playful Dead-Fish Kiss. OK, the title is Playful Kiss (Mischievous Kiss), but my own title describes the drama and leading guy better. Period. Everyone who can not agree - get the hell outta here!
   First, I have to praise the drama for casting quite nice (although not stunning) stallion (no, I'm not talking about Mr. Wooden Table), but some white horse^^. This horse's expressful eyes and mouth just got into me. I think it deserves a bigger screen time, really. He can carry the action and emotions very good.
Don't believe me? Just look for yourself:
 I Am Your Father, Baek Seung Jo... Just take my hoof...
Anyway, I haven't read the manga, I haven't seen the previous versions, so I will not compare, I will just focus on this one. And I have to give this drama two credits: one for Kim So Min (she plays Oh Hani), and she's exactly like every teenager should be, emotional, sometimes loud, sometimes mindless, and sometimes angry. But she's so natural, it's a pleasure to look at her (OK, I can't forgive what she did in the last episode of Bad Guy still).
Second credit: for the most boring, idiotic, far-fetched 10 opening minutes of the drama. But the horse was nice, so the credit goes to him.
Ah, forgot to mention, if you watch I Am Legend, maybe those guys look familiar, hm? So a half of a credit to them too.
I don't know why I have to look like a cross-breed between Toji Suzuhara and 60's bad boy...
 So, the drama starts as every teenage drama should - in the school. And we know exactly who they are, who eyes who, and who is dozing off (hmm, it would be easier to point out those who don't). Is there a really school like this? Poor teacher says something, they just don't listen. And then she is scolded by the director about the low scores of her students, mainly our lovely protagonist.
Our class where reason and sense is not allowed...
 And then our leading alpha male is appearing and wants to buy a drink, but the machine, a vicious 자동판매기, doesn't want to give him a can. Hell, if I was the machine, I wouldn't as well. So we have our lovely Hani forced to perform her magic kick (of course there is a beautiful, but empty and scheming evil girl, who, I suppose, will raise our tension not once and not twice) and - good grief! - the can is out. Shocked (I think, it's really hard to decipher Table's... ummm, KHJ's stone face) boy takes it and goes away without saying thank you. He's a rude dude.
Have no idea what you want from me! I'm doing my best to convey the shock!
 Our lovely Hani is in love, she imagines (after talk with her not so sensible and normal dad) the following situation. Trapped between motorcycle gang and bad girls gang (I swear, they weren't designed after us from D-A, I swear!!), she gives her boy a choice - he can choose her or death. So he chooses to lay down in a coffin. With perfectly unmoved hair and face.
Now, do you fel lucky? Do ya, punk?
Funny moment? Ballet imagined dance, and returning the letter. Not thanks to KHJ though. He returned the love letter our poor Hani wrote to him, but he corrected it and gave a mark: D-. Hahaha, that was good. But he wanted her to read it here and now. And the Evil Girl read it at loud. So Hani became a laughing stock of the entire school, city, Universe even!
OK, they end up living under the same roof after her house collapses and her dad moves into the house of his - supposedly - friend. So, his mom is a friend of Hani's dad. And they never met until this moment? What a crap!
But we are graced with this face. Unmovable as mountains, mysterious as uncovered caves with echoing sounds of falling waterdrops. Perfect. If they want to make a Korean version of Terminator, I got one sure candidate for it. But then again, an action can ruin this haircut.
My every pose is so graceful... Girls will swoon...