Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Actors' strike? Dramas' strike?

   KBS and Entertainer's Union (actors, singers, staff) reached an agreement. I heard a bit about the holding up the dramas, or even the strike of actors and staff, but I couldn't actually believe it. Or it was rather a disbelief. I couldn't believe they finally did it. Of course, I'm on the side I want to watch dramas, but not at all costs. I want to see the actors healthy, I want to know they are paid for their hard work. And believe me, being an actor in Korean entertainment is not picking the flowers and eating a pie. I'm talking about real actors here. Kim Eungsuk (43) leader of the Union, said the broadcaster (that is KBS this time) promised to guarantee an unpaid salary and establish a joint body to improve the outsourcing guidelines (...) The union had claimed that there were overdue appearance fees and other unpaid wages totaling 4.4 billion won ($3.7 million) as of July(hancinema). But it's not the guarantee on the future, it's not the solid statement like: "Yes, this-and-this day you will be paid". It's just a delaying. Since the subcontracters are responsible for not paid salaries, three biggest broadcasting companies are at fault as well. Kim Eungsuk also said that companies threatened the actors if they participate in the Union's strike. Some dramas will be affected though (Baker King: Kim Tak Gu case is solved, so fret not!), but: Mischievous Kiss, Dong Yi (both from MBC), and Life is Beautiful and Giant (SBS) actors refused to play. Plus Life is Beautiful is on hold as union said that SBS refused to accept the Union's demands.
   I mean, I just love SBS. For me this is the worst broadcast out of those three. It has the most viewer-hostile website, and treats both actors and viewers as slaves and imbeciles respectively. I hated how they dealt with World Cup by holding up two dramas. I hate what they did later broadcasting two episodes of Bad Guy on the same day. I hate that I can't find the exact date of Daemul, cause it's being scheduled and re-scheduled (the same thing was with Bad Guy few months ago). This way, I see why Jang Hyuk dropped Secret Garden. I hate how they are treating actors in the dramas. I hate the lack of proper promotion. Kim Jaewuk said he slept for 2 weeks after drama ended. And we all know what happened to Kim Namgil-nim.
Actors are not machines. They need to sleep. They need to make a living. They need to rest.
They're humans, treat them as one!