Friday, September 24, 2010

The Green Fairy

**heavy sigh** 
I lost everything I had on my PC when it crashed. I tried to salvage what I could in a safe mode since Wednesday, but on Friday I lost all my hope. And I would be happy if only... if only the CD I tried to burn all my stuff on wasn't now inaccessible.

As I said it few times: I would be hit by a brick in the wooden church. And I start to think I'm the most unlucky person. Come, on, KNG, bring it on, now you can't brag about the title! 
And I don't want to cry over those thousands of pictures and videos, many dramas and movies still on HD, but the articles I gathered for the last 1.5 year, the dictionaries and books, and most of all, my damned research stuff.
OK, pitiful of me, but I really needed to write, and I really need to drink. Heavily.

I can drink soju, no problem, bring this and some tteokbokki.

다, 제발!

Let's dream with The Green Fairy.
Pity that true absinthe is not available anymore. But I found the recipe to make one. And one more time to everybody: this is not a liqueur! A liqueur is distilled WITH sugar, geeez... Hills Absinthe is kind of mint drink. 
But, if anyone wants to look hard on the internet (again), one can find a "grande wormwood" that is a heavy and with high amount of thujone.