Saturday, June 05, 2010

Korean MV

First thing first: some videos are just for pure entertainment. Especially visual. If you are looking in them some depth, please refrain, or your ears/eyes will be hurt. For anyone who likes just funny upbeat sounds, here we are.
But, the first video is from Bad Guy drama, so no funny, upbeat song. It's rather gloomy, but nice. Yes, I'm biased, KNG is in it, that is why, hehe.
Seriously, what's wrong with listening to a cheerful, average music? There's nothing better in giving me energy than a quick shot of mixture of Arashi, Big Bang and 2AM. Hell, I'm having fun, do not disturb.
When I want to listen to anything on a higher level, I listen to Bang Jung Seok, Deli Spice, W& Whale, or Yiruma. Sometimes all of these are on the same playlist. I'm ecclectic.
Or just some OST, like for Chuno. Keke.

Download torrent link for the whole first OST here:
I'm pretty much addicted to Jeong Yeop's song. It's so nice...
Other MVs:
Seo In Young: Love is bitter, Pain is Calling:

T-Max: Don't Be Rude
To be honest, I can't understand a word of what they singing (?). Lets get rid of the synthetizer, and sing normally.

Hwayobi: Bye Bye Bye

CNBlue: Love
The good thing about those four is... their bass player. No, seriously, the fact they actually play live instruments. Despite huge success, they still sound some indie-like.

Suki: One Love:

Sistar: Push Push:

Sistar feat Jang Keunsuk: Magic Drag:
I wrote everything I could along with my friends, yes, O. you, and I. someplace else on this video. Making a dress, selling a dress, wearing a dress. These are natural stages for Keunsuk. And don't hate me cause I don't like how he looks right now, and I'm not so blind to see it and to express myself.

Kim Yoon Ah: Tokyo Blues:
Great video, although many of recent Korean MV tend to use this kind of lead blue hue as their filtre.

M to M: Memorial Photos:

Rumble Fish: What Do We Do:
I have always liked Rumble Fish^^