Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Asian Fashion

Hm, don't get me wrong, I admire the boldness of Asian fashion (Japanese and Korean, I know nothing on Chinese one, sorry), but the latest trends especially in men's clothes just make me wonder: who are they designed for? And it seems everyone in Asia follows the same trend.
First, the lightest matter: pants above the ankle. Actually if a guy has long legs, it just looks good on them, but short people look shorter. At first I saw it in Personal taste. Every young character was wearing those. It started to grow on me, especially when I saw it on LMH's legs. Then I saw pictures from the press conference for Bad Guy, and I was like, Oh My Gods of Blood and Lust!  don't really care how KNG dresses. But I guess it was just one-time accident. He usually dresses with much taste (wait, few minutes for fangirling*_*). OK, I'm back to my senses.
Short pants are not the worst what can happen.
Tight pants are much, much worse, and from what I read in GQ Japan, this season, again, skinny men's pants... Brr... I believe I will see some guys sporting them this summer. As it was said once on Robert Plant's pants: "you could tell his religion" while he was wearing those. Exactly.
Apart from pants, shirts: tight shirts are OK under one condition - guy has to be lanky. We got this over.
The other kind of shirts: V-necks...
Small cut is nice, it shows man's collarbones and a bit of flesh, OK. But for my eyes sake (and your lungs), don't put anything that looks like it has been ripped by your jealous girlfriend. I don't need to see your navel, really. I mean, I want, but just strip off, OK?
The one and only man who can wear anything is Park Shihu, Period.
Lee Min Ho sported some nice outfits in Personal Taste, really, I loved his jackets. If this could be a new men's fashion I wouldn't mind.

Keunsuk, you're doing it wrong...