Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bad Guy: 나쁜 남자 : BTS and Ep 06 preview

Clubbox hates me. It hates me with all its might. Plus MU hates me as well.
I just have to be even more patient than I already am. Eventually, the interview I'm waiting for 3 days will come to me. And then... and then I'm dead for the next 24 hours. No, seriously, I can function despite my mind being occupied by 2 men. Strange. I never thought it is possible, but I developped it. 
Maybe I became a totally new specimen of hoomin? Maybe I... damn, too much movies, too much books lately.
I need to go back to my Korean, cause the last 3 months were a horrendous hiatus in my learning. Two more exams ahead (not mine, I just conduct them, hehe), and then... I'm terrified  from the slightest thought of the freedom I get since the middle of July.
I will finally have time to watch dramas, to watch movies properly and to write reviews. To read books I wanted to, but had no time... To listen to some new music. With the latter it may be small problem, cause I don't listen to everything.
Maybe I'm not as picky as my sister, whose main criterium is: "the less people know about what I'm listening to, the better", but I can't listen to something just because of the name, or because the artist/album, you name ut is "highly acclaimed" by critics. Who cares? I hate jazz, although it is considered as "high" music.
I love Korean pop. So what? Sue me! Look down on me! Like I care...
Back to the point.
Some BTS (Behind the Scenes I found while swimming through youtube).
And call me whatever you want if I don't know SBS. I bet they will claim "copyright infringement" and the videos will be removed in some time.
Video interview from June 24th:
can be downloaded as torrent here:
It's right here.
I will upload it on MU as well.

And the preview of Episode 06:

I could have hate him, but the voice... oh, the voice...