Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Random thoughts

I have to prepare myself for an exam next week (the History of South East Asia) as well as prepare an exam for others to write, hehe, instead I'm just watching some dramas, re-watching two others and writing here. I started to watch When It's At Night, with Kim Suna Ah, but I'm not sure if I manage to watch the entire 16 episodes. The story is nice, about national treasures, a womanizer, a tough woman... so it should be good. Plus, it's Kim Sun Ah, dammit! I liked her in She's on Duty, and I love to bits My Lovely Kim Sam Soon. This one is kinda average drama, but I judge it after the first episode. If I had to judge dramas after the first episode, I would have never watched You're Beautiful, or I would be very sceptical about currently airing Bad Guy. That is why it is my policy to give a drama the chance to prove I'm wrong. I like to be wrong in that matter. But I gave up on Sunao ni narenakute and... the hell with it!

Back to my thoughts (are there any?), please, somebody make a clean drama from the now-messed up Bad Boy. Because, seriously, I'm watching it, as for now, because of KNG and his borderline, mentally unstable, psycho personality - Gun Wook. We know he can do it great, we all remember another unstable character, Bidam. 
Jae Wook is a disappointment as for me, yeah, yeah, he's cute as a candy, but it's not sufficient. KNG is one of the greatest actors of his generation, plus insanely, dangerously handsome man, but as for now, the drama sucks. I really want to like this drama, I've been waiting for it for so long. I wanted to have something for 2-years absense of KNG (eh, military service...).
They don't need to throw everything in one episode to up the tension, really. As Orion on DA stated, it was kind of "Robin Hood, Men In Tights" kinda thing when Robin is back and Blinkin explains in one short dialog that everyone from his family died.
And OK, back to this new drama I'm watching. It's maybe not exactly my cup of tea because of the main lead. I don't find him good in this part. But hey, it's just my opinion! Don't be offended.
After a half-year-long watching almost exclusively Japanese dramas, I went back to Korean ones. I find them refreshing. Of course, dramas are built with cliches, and if screenwriters want to break them too much, they will fail (vide: Sunanare...). Of course most of them are romance stuff. I don't mind, if I have the need for heavy issues, I watch Korean movies. Or Mawang, for that matters. That was pretty heavy drama, I barely managed to watch the entire 20 episodes, but I liked it. It was somewhat perversive pleasure to watch knowing where all the actions lead. Plus, Joo "The Smile" Ji Hoon (yeah, I gave that nickname, what?).
Right now, I'm re-watching (3rd time) Queen Seon Duk, but now from the 21st episode onwards, as well as Chuno (3rd time), now on 21st episode. And I have one thing to say: I hate Mishil (from QSD), really, really hate her. She's the power incarnated, she's an ideal tyrant, not backing off in the face of danger but laughing it off, and in the same time she can wait as a spider for a perfect moment to attack.
Since I'm such a sucker for period movies and dramas... Hopelessly in love with clothes and accessories:

But the story!! OMG, so intense (who could believe, right? 62 episodes and each of them ends in a cliffhanger). This is actually the longest drama I have ever seen. Twice. I want to see it three times for... eee, yes, Hwarang boys...
Our psycho Bidam before:

 And after:

 And Mishil with some nicely armored men...:

And if we talk about Chuno... hell, I could say so much on Chuno, sometimes I feel exhausted after one episode, sometimes annoyed by some actions or words, sometimes I want to laugh so hard (thank you Wangson, without you this drama would be too much to bear). I don't like Song Tae Ha, and I think JH is sometimes over the top (I don't know, maybe the director wanted that way), but still this is one of the best dramas I have ever seen. And if anything else fails, some nice manly bodies in it^^:
Now you're gonna pay, you nasty rabbit!!

Today on the display - Wongsun. Great appearance, can serve as a sex-slave... 

We're men! (Manly Men!) We're men in tiiiiiiights! Always on guard defending our own riiiiiihgts!!

                                  - Now you're gonna taste my blade!
                                  - I don't eat anything that wasn't prepared by my personal cook, sorry, General.


And something for more Tae ha oriented ladies:

And Chul-woong, very tragic character, one of my silent favorites of the show: