Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Korean new movies: trailers part 2

As in the previous post, some of these movies had their premiere already, some not. The bad thing is, here in Europe w will get maybe 1% of them, 5% to the most. Let me see, the last year it was The Good, The Bad, The Weird and I guess it was all I can think about in this very moment. Some time back it was Bin Jip, Old Boy, Samaritan Girl, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. And Spring, hm... I guess maybe I forgot about some, but still little. It's the same with new Japanese movies. The last one was Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi (??). It's better to show some European/American crap that poses as some sophisticated, elaborated and with such a depth, that even bad Witch in a Little Mermaid story would be afraid of it. Why no Good Doctor? Why no Mother (oh, I guess it was screening but maybe it was in my head). If I have to laugh on stupid comedy, I prefer it to be Asian. When I want to cry, I prefer it to be Asian. And when I want just an entertainment - I prefer it to be, yeah, yeah, we know from where. Hollywood forgot how to make a good entertainment. Even extremely shallow movies (which are good at some times in life, really), tend to have some "hidden meaning", some transcendent values on life. *bullsh*t!!*cough*. Why not to admit: Yes, this is just pure entertainment!
Yeah, damn right. I had greater fun watching The Host than every Iron Man, Transformers and Avatar altogether. I make exceptions only for few directors/actors from so-called Western cinema.
OK, stop the ranting, no one cares anyway nowadays.

Korean movies of 2010, trailers:

Cafe Seoul:

Japan - South Korea production.

Tokyo Taxi:

The Trip:


My Dear Desperado teaser:

Lost And Found:

South Korea 1%:

71: Into The Fire:

This movie stars TOP from Big Bang, yes, the one in IRIS... And the trailer looks really, really nice. One of my MUST-SEE movies of 2010. Uhuhu...

Parallel Live: