Saturday, June 26, 2010

Upcoming New Movies

Korean that is. First, movies without set date, but from the closest ones to those set in the distant (?) future.
The Man From Nowhere: Having once done time behind bars, CHA Tae-sik now leads a quiet life. His only connection to the rest of the world is a little girl, So-mi, who lives nearby. So-mi’s mother, Hyo-jeong, smuggles drugs for a drug trafficking organization and entrusts Tae-sik with the product. When the traffickers find out they kidnap both Hyo-jeong and So-mi. Mistaking Tae-sik for another mule, the brothers that lead the gang—Man-sik and Jong-sik—promise to release Hyo-jeong and So-mi if Tae-sik makes a delivery for them. Tae-sik makes the decision to face the outside world in order to rescue So-mi. However, the delivery was part of a larger plot to eliminate a rival drug ring leader, Mr. Oh, and Tae-sik is arrested. At the same time, Hyo-jeong’s disemboweled body is discovered, and Tae-sik realizes that So-mi’s life may also be in danger. He fights off half a dozen detectives and escapes from the police station. Now on the run, Tae-sik pursues Man-sik and Jong-sik. In the process, he discovers that their drug ring operates around kidnapped children. Stumbling upon a factory where the brothers have children’s organs removed to accommodate the drugs, Tae-sik rescues one child just before surgery and becomes enraged at the prospect So-mi may already be dead. Tae-sik prepares for a battle with Man-sik and Jong-sik, putting his own life at risk… (hancinema)


Natalie (나탈리): People who have build a wall around themselves. A sculptor Jun-hyeok, an art critic Min-woo, and a modern dance student Mi-ran. A mystery melodrama about the love and secrets of the three people. (hancinema)

The Most Beautiful Picnic in The World (세상에서 가장 아름다운 소풍): Based on the true testimony of Reverend Nam Sang-su. The story of a mother who is on the verge of death while pregnant with a child. (hancinema)

Gate crasher (불청객) :A strange man comes into a house with only the wife. He says he'll leave after a shower and a meal, but his actions are exactly like the husband's. What has happened? He says that he learned everything from a friend he knows...
A woman who is taking rice cakes around is held hostage with the wife. The man gets drunk and reveals the truth about her husband. The wife feels more scared about her husband now... Ji-min returns home and is angry and appeals that he is not a friend that he knows. He wants to kill the strange man...

The Beast (짐승):  Tae-hoon with the help of Se-yeon, attempts to track down his missing younger sister. Tae-hoon used to be a member of a force recon team in the South Korean military ...(asianmediawiki)

Joseon Detective Jeong Yak Yong: The Secret of Yulnyumoon (조선 명탐정 정약용): 

Youth Groove (청춘 그루브): Korea's first hip-hop based film "Youth Groove" centers around 3 friends and their dreams to become hip-hop stars through the underground music scene.

Personally I'm waiting for this one, not that I'm a big hip-hop fan, because I'm not. It's because of Lee Young Hoon.


 Bedevilled (김복남 살인사건의 전말): Sick of all the inhumane treatment by others, Bok-nam tries to escape the island with her daughter, but her daughter gets killed in the process. When she loses the only thing that had kept her going, Bok-nam takes a sickle in her hand for revenge.