Monday, June 07, 2010

Korean MV: part 2

OK, some of them are not new, but since I'm waiting for a new episode of Bad Guy and can't focus on anything, I decided to update myself on Korean girls-bands and boy-bands. Ahahahaaa!! Ekhee, ekhee... Yup, I lost my mind. But I got such a nice brainwash watching this...
And one more thing, this is my first and last time posting anything with SS501 in it. I don't like them, they can't sing, they do not look "hot" in any aspect. But their new MV is so "hot" I had to post it.
Guyliner doesn't make a guy. It makes a guy-princess with a boy. But it makes a smoking hot man with a MAN (Jang Hyuk oppa, are you listening?). Strange, first time I used the word oppa like this. .
 f(x) - NU 예삐오:
Oh my, I don't know what to focus on... Amber is kinda GDragon of f(x), at least this is my impression. But GD raps better, she's not bad though.

SS501 - Love ya:
Boys think too much about vampires... Way too much...

CNBlue -  Love:

T-MAX "해줄 수 있는 말" MV (Words That I Can Say):

Thanks to I.^^

And you can watch this parody of f(x):