Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Korean movies: part ??

I don't know, who cares anyway?
I will start with the movie The Sevant (I just missed it somehow, I don't know why).
And again - a period movie, mehehe.
"A Story of Bangja" is a comedy based on the popular South Korean folktale "Chung Hyang." The movie then twists the story around to ask what would happen if Lee Myong Ryong was unattractive, while his servant Bang Ja Jeon was attractive? During Lee Myong Ryong's courtship with Lady Chun Hyang both parties use their servants to communicate ...(AsianMediaWiki)
Seems pretty interesting, knowing the story of faithful Chunhyang^^

A Barefoot Dream: 
Ah, so this is the movie I was reading few days ago...
Coach Kim Won-Kang is a former soccer player who failed to manage his business - post soccer career. After his business goes under, Kim Won-Kang travels to the small country of East Timor to coach a youth soccer team. The East Timor youth soccer team has been in existence for only one year but will go on to win two international youth soccer events with the help of Coach Kim Shin-Hwan. 

I've seen it on every Movie show lately, even the making of... well, not actually my cup of rum...

Magic: June 24

Man of Vendetta: July
Actor Kim Myeong-Min plays a minister whose daughter gets kidnapped. After his daughter's abduction, h quits the church and also divorces his wife. The minister then goes after his daughter's kidnapper - a person that even contacted him & told him his daughter is alive ... 
I Saw the Devil: August:

With Lee Byung Hun, I just mention this movie, for the movies sake, but most likely I will not watch it, unless I have nothing else to watch.
So all for now...