Saturday, May 07, 2011

We love beautiful people

  And if those beautiful people are in the same time talended and modest - omo, a daily dose of squeee...
In the recent poll, on Naver, few categories were taken into the consideration - warm, erratic and humiliating. In the first category those four artists above had their place. Kim Taehee won first place because of her warm personality she shows, as well her being the University graduate. The second place went to Park Yucheon (29.6%, 8165 votes out of 27.546). He gained the admiration not only because of his musical skills, but also because of honest portrayal in SKKS, and on top of that, because his writing skills, and his ability to speak three languages. 
The rest is Seven and Park Hanbyeol.
In the second category there was Won Bin and Jo Kwon (2AM), just to name the few.

Music mood:
W&Whale - Moon Madness