Friday, May 13, 2011

New Tales of Gisaeng: videos

   Videos that made me love this drama. Yes, it's from the very beginning of the first episode. At first I was stunned. Not every drama starts with a girl dancing, and a burglar dancing outside her house. The girl, despite dancing, had face without any particular emotion, and I thought she's blocked and emotionally handicapped. It was weird. This drama is weird. Especially the "imagination parts". But this also proves how close to the reality the writers are. Because we all imagine things, right? No, not THAT things, ladies! My favorite "imagined"? Gongju dreaming of doing laundry on Sonja's abs (yes, you read that right), and Damo's father imagining his son as a drag. Damn... I had to stop it to laugh. This was so damn funny, because, you know, Damo is 1000% male, keke.

Videos for watching^^

Gongju dancing:

Burglar chase:

Both files joined to give you the full scene:

The ending:

Links (use them, and not hotlinking, I don't mind):

Please, sis, if you see this, help me identify the song. I'd like to shake my tailfeather to this too^^