Thursday, May 05, 2011

Shed a light on Yucheon

   As I promised, any news even with the slightest new piece of information will be reported here.
Among all this, I just wonder about one small detail - why the hell MBC casted him? To boost the ratings at the smallest cost? In my country, this is called a vulture share. You know the meaning.

So, this is how it goes:

JYJ's Yoochun was recently confirmed to be starring in the new MBC drama, "Ripley" (formerly "Goodbye Miss Ripley") alongside veteran actress Lee Dahae. However, the entire cast was recently barred from appearing on MBC's variety show, "Come to Play".

According to multiple broadcasting sources, the main cast consisting of Park Yoochun, Lee Dahae, Kang Hyejung and Kim Seungwoo were scheduled to appear on "Come to Play" since last month, but ultimately, the plan "misfired."

Representatives of "Come to Play" revealed their reason, which is that the chances of the four celebrities appearing on the show was already unlikely because one of the main cast, Kim Seungwoo, is an MC on KBS's "Win Win," which is a competitor of MBC's "Come to Play." However, Kim Seungwoo demonstrated his strong will to appear on "Come to Play," but MBC still did not budge. (my note: yes, I provided those someplace else)

Similarly, MBC's entertainment show "Entertainment Section TV" was supposed to run an interview of the main cast from the filming location on April 29th, but that was ultimately cancelled too. Instead, only MBC's "Feel Good Day" and "Entertainment Plus" conducted the interviews. However, MBC's "Feel Good Day" is considered a liberal arts/cultural program and not a variety show.

Usually, entertainment shows will follow through with interviews at filming sets for dramas from their own company. Also, "Entertainment Section TV" had the "Ripley" interview in their schedule yet suddenly cancelled, drawing even more questions.

"Entertainment Section TV" attempted to discuss their reasoning for the cancellation, saying they were "flooded with things to broadcast," but internal sources are saying that it was actually SM Entertainment "exercising their influence." A variety show PD, who wished to remain anonymous, stated, "Why ask questions when you know everything? We also have to read between the lines and be aware of their intentions."

Due to the ongoing lawsuit with SM Entertainment, Park Yoochun could barely appear on broadcasts when his previous drama, KBS's "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" was airing. He ultimately appeared on some news shows, but still can not overcome the barrier that is blocking him from variety shows.*

*Note: Korean broadcast stations have three major departments: News, Variety and Music. Each department is rather separate from each other and have their own ability to make decisions.

Source: Nocut News
Translation: koreaboo

And the Korean version:
그룹JYJ 박유천이 주연으로 출연하는 MBC 월화드라마 ‘리플리’(극본 김선영 연출 최이섭) 주연배우들의 MBC 예능 프로그램 출연이 무산돼 배경에 관심이 쏠리고 있다.

복수의 방송관계자에 따르면 박유천, 이다해, 강혜정, 김승우 등 ‘리플리’의 주연배우들은 최근 드라마 홍보를 위해 지난 달 말부터 MBC 예능 프로그램 ‘놀러와’ 출연을 타진해 왔으나 결국 출연이 불발됐다.

‘놀러와’ 측은 표면적으로 주연배우 중 한명인 김승우가 경쟁방송사인 KBS ‘승승장구’의 MC로 출연하기 때문에 주연배우 4명의 단체 출연가능성이 희박하다는 이유를 들었다.

그러나 추후 김승우까지 어렵게 출연의사를 내비친 후에는 박유천을 제외한 3명만 출연하는 안을 제시해 결국 ‘리플리’ 출연진의 ‘놀러와’ 출연은 없던 일이 돼 버렸다.

또 한 MBC연예정보프로그램 ‘섹션TV연예통신’ 역시 지난달 29일 진행된 ‘리플리’ 포스터 촬영현장 인터뷰 아이템을 취소시켰다. 이날 포스터 현장에는 MBC ‘기분좋은날’의 ‘연예플러스’ 팀만이 인터뷰를 진행했다. ‘기분좋은날’은 교양프로그램으로 분류돼 있다.

일반적으로 연예정보프로그램은 자사 드라마 홍보를 위해 포스터 촬영 현장에서 인터뷰를 진행해오는 게 관례였다. 더욱이 ‘섹션TV연예통신’은 사전에 ‘리플리’ 인터뷰 아이템을 잡아놓았으나 갑작스럽게 취소하면서 의문을 더하고 있다.

이 와 관련, ‘섹션TV연예통신’ 측은 “당일 방송 아이템이 넘쳤기 때문”이라고 말을 아꼈다.그러나 MBC예능국 내부에서는 결국 SM엔터테인먼트의 입김이 작용했을 것이라는 말들이 공공연하게 나돌고 있다. 익명을 요구한 예능국의 한 PD는 “다 알면서 왜 물어보는가, 우리도 눈치를 봐야하는 입장이다”라며 한숨을 내쉬었다.

박유천은 큰 성공을 거둔 전작 KBS ‘성균관스캔들’ 출연 당시에도 좀처럼 KBS 예능프로그램에 모습을 드러내지 못했다. 그는 소속사 분쟁 이후 지상파 방송사들의 시사 프로그램이나 보도 프로그램에는 종종 출연했지만 예능국의 벽은 넘지 못하고 있는 실정이다.