Monday, May 02, 2011

General Gyebaek

   The drama is scheduled to air after Ripley will finish its run, that is on Monday/Tuesday timeslot. It is supposed to have 32 episodes. Tentatively title is Gyebaek.
Gyebaek was a general in 7th century in the kingdom of Baekje, fighting with Shilla. There is not that much known about him, including his personal life, so this can make a great opportunity for screenwriters. And the writer for this drama is Jung Hyung-soo (Damo, Jumong). The drama will be helmed by Kim Geun-hong (Daejanggeum, Jumong, Dong Yi, Queen Seon-deok,Yi San).
And the role of Gyebaek will be played by Lee Seojin (Lovers, Hon, Yi San, Damo, Shadowless Sword), so this is the main reason I'm reporting this. I like his characters. I also like him in the interviews, especially one of his statements stayed in my mind.

After breaking up with Kim Jeong-eun (they played lovers in... nomen-omen, Lovers), he said: "I felt that, this is what I should do as a man. If I wanted, I would have revealed the reasons a long time ago. What’s the point in talking about this since we have already broken up? I do not not want to receive any sympathy nor criticisms. I will keep this forever buried in my heart."
One of the last gentlemen, I guess.
I like how taeha and sageuk deal with each other. Now we have Geunchogo Wang going on. Soon, Gwanggaeto Taewang starts. The funny fact is - both of those rulers lived in almost exactly the same time, and they were from hostile kingdoms (well, before the unification, they were all enemies, despite the short-lasting treaties). In 2009 we had Queen Seondeok (Shilla kingdom) and the period is the same as the upcoming Gyebaek. I like the way Korean writers show maybe the same fact from different angles. That deepens our perspective on the same fact.

So they say, cause my perspective is usually deepened by some wine.