Monday, May 23, 2011

Wait for it... wait for it...

Not happening! Not a freaking chance. I don't see it, and I put my glasses already.

JYJ agency requests an apology from KBS for their statement

C-JeS Entertainment has released an official position refuting the stance released by KBS on the 18th.

Through the official statement, CEO Baek Chang Joo of C-JeS Entertainment stated, “Regarding the lawsuit that KBS has deemed an issue, the Courts laid down the verdict that SM’s subordinate contract is one-sided and unjust last year, deeming it no longer valid.”

He continued to state, “Also, in February, the Courts recognized that SM was interfering with JYJ’s activities, leading to a strict order being laid down upon them. Therefore, KBS’ claim does not make sense as its statements are not in accordance with each other.“

He also added, “A verdict was made that SM must no longer interfere with the activities JYJ pursue with C-JeS under their contract,” and “These artistes are fighting a lonely battle against a prominent entertainment agency for the sole purpose of gaining a just contract.“

CEO Baek stated, “We believe it is not right for KBS, instead of maintaining an objective stance on the issue, to express its official position in a way that suggests that JYJ have caused problems in society to the public, who do not know much of the issue. Therefore, we request that KBS rectify their errors.”

Lastly, CEO Baek said, “Recently, JYJ have been chosen as honorary ambassadors for publicity projects led by the nation and various groups and have been enhancing national prestige. Therefore, it saddens us to see that others are claiming that JYJ are disrupting the order of the cultural industry.”

Source: TVDaily via dongbangdata