Saturday, May 21, 2011

JYJ: status quo

   Hell, I'm back, and I see the issue is getting more serious. Also, I see that the broadcasts want to shift the blame as far from them as possible. In my language there is this proverb, literally saying: to turn the cat by the tail. Meaning - to turn the blame away from yourself using some lame excuse. 
The crucial word "may", I underlined it below, because "may" doesn't mean "will". It's the same usual bullsh*t to calm down the more and more enraged fans. Nothing more.
And a proof how classy our Yucheon is:
Park Yoochun showed his disappointment by saying, “I, too, want to appear on variety programs but they keep ‘cutting’ me out. I’m not trying to put a great significance on it.”

The fragments of the articles:

KBS: “No Internal Policy on Restricting JYJ”, “The Writing was from February”
KBS Variety Department: “The Writing on JYJ was Our Position before February… There Are No Restrictions on Their Appearing.”

Department Head Jeon Jinguk says: “Whether JYJ appears or not is up to the production crew.”
Deleted the Writing on JYJ on the 18th… Consumer Counseling Office says: “We are in the middle of confirming the process of deletion and the reasons.”
KBS Variety Department Head Jeon Jinguk said on the 19th on the position of restricting JYJ’s appearance that “currently we do not have a policy of restricting JYJ’s appearances.” As for the position of the Variety Department that was posted on the KBS Consumer Counseling Office on the 17th, he expressed his troubledness, saying “it’s from February…”
What Jeon is saying is that they had organized their position on the restricting of JYJ’s broadcast appearances and it seems that the contents of that had been posted after-the-fact in the Consumer Counseling Office on the 17th.
However, the Variety Department put forth the position that [JYJ’s broadcast appearances] “may bring about legal problems and may even threaten the development and order of the culture industry,” pointing out such things as JYJ being in a legal proceeding with SM Entertainment and the dual contracting, to the question that was registered by Ms. A on February 25 that asked “why JYJ is unable to appear on Music Bank and why was JYJ excluded from the charts” and met with a tremendous after-storm.
This is because in mid-February the court had dismissed both the SM’s objection to JYJ’s partial grant of the injunctive relief to suspend the exclusive contract and the SM’s petition for injunctive relief to suspend the exclusive contract between C-JeS Entertainment and JYJ.
Also, JYJ could not appear in KBS variety programs even after March. Park Yoochun was planned to appear as a surprise guest on “Kim Seungwoo’s On a Roll” Kim Kapsu episode but became known to have fallen through and so again the “external pressure theory” raised its head.
Jeon said that “the casting and the appearance of JYJ is at the will of the production crew” and again emphasized that internally there are no regulations to restrict JYJ’s appearance in the Variety Department. He also said: “When JYJ puts out a new album, wouldn’t the talk of appearing be naturally exchanged between the Production Directors of the appropriate programs.”

KBS regarding group JYJ's appearance in 2TV 's "Music Bank"

KBS has revealed its official statement regarding group JYJ’s appearance in 2TV music program “Music Bank.”
Music Bank stated on the afternoon of the 19th, “because JYJ has not released new songs, they are not candidates for appearing in ‘Music Bank.’ On the topic of drama OSTs (T/N: Soundtracks), they are not candidates for appearances and [the singer] must officially release new songs to be considered as candidates.“
“Music Bank” replied, “before the decision was made on the lawsuit on February 17th, we excluded JYJ from appearing because it could have affected the lawsuit. Afterward, they weren’t candidates because they hadn’t released new songs, not because we specially regulated their appearance.”
Furthermore, they revealed “later if [JYJ] releases new songs and it’s a target for K-Chart, they may become candidates for appearing [in Music Bank].

; Star News
Translation Credit: JYJ3; withJYJ

C-Jes calls B.S. on KBS's statement on JYJ
 Following the release of KBS’s statement addressing JYJ’s exclusion on their programs, JYJ’s agency were quick to fire back at the broadcast station, deeming their excuse as “illogical“.

On May 18th, CJES Entertainment rebutted, “The lawsuit about JYJ’s subordinate contract with SM Entertainment that KBS was referring to was already acknowledged by the court as lopsided and disadvantageous to JYJ, and the contract was subsequently nullified.”

“In addition, last February, the invalidity of their contract with SME was emphasized once more as the court declared another order for SME to stop indirectly impeding on JYJ’s activities. With these being said, we believe KBS’s stance does not match up with the facts.”

They continued, “When SM Entertainment lodged a lawsuit regarding the ‘dual contract’, the court rejected their argument and ordered SM to not interfere with JYJ’s activities with CJES Entertainment. Considering JYJ’s lonely fight against such a huge agency in request for a more reasonable contract, we believe it is wrong that KBS is deviating from the objective truth and making the public think that JYJ are just creating more societal problems. We strongly request for them to make corrections on their part.”

“Especially with JYJ currently participating in overseas promotional projects with various countries, as well as being appointed highly ranked ambassadors, we’re very disappointed that they are speaking of JYJ as threats to the culture industry,” concluded CJES Entertainment.

Sources: Nate News via AKP