Thursday, May 26, 2011

Several Things That Make Us...

   A new drama from the famous writer No Sense and highly acclaimed director Ai Screwyoo! Unbelievable! Unpredictable! Moves you to ... ee... pharmacy for another anti-puking drug.
A friend of mine once said that sometimes I post a half of dozen posts here (hey, my lof, I know you are reading this!). Sometimes I don't post at all. I don't post only in two times in my life - extremely drunk ( I call it Star Trek times) and depression times (I call it Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas times). The former is the cure for the latter.
Anyway, real life drama.

   I was coming back from the conference last week. It was a sunny, no, hot Friday afternoon. The conference ended for us (that is me and 2 friends) around noon, and we rushed to the railway station. In one city we had to change the trains we had around an hour of waiting. The train was supposed to be just before 6 pm, but we were almost sole passangers on the platform. One of us (I guess you can call that a hitch) checked the details one more time, and - voila! - we were waiting on the wrong platform. While riding the escalator (no normal stairs, apparently, and I hate, HATE escalators and never use them) we realized the size and amount of our mistake. The platform was full. No, not full - packed to the last centimeter. Some people were taking the pics of the crowd. White safety line on the ground was mercilessly ignored.
The train came. I think I know now how they shoot the run from zombies in movies. It was exactly the same chaos. The same energy in people who looked as if they were to die in the next 5 minutes. We were separated. I was lucky I had the chance to stand in the surroundings of the train toilet. Good.

   But if you think the perspective of standing there for three and a half hours was enough of the torture for someone whose legs are not in the top condition, you are heavily mistaken. The worst was about to start. The reason why I'm writing all this.
We haven't left the ill-fated city (the capital, in fact), when some 3 guys opened their first cans of beer. You know, the less of space the more you get friendly with those who share your misfortune. Or the more you hate those who don't respect your space of life.
The bad thing is - I had the presentation, during the aforementioned conference, of confucian values in modern Korea. And those guys were violating each and every one of the basics. "Ok, be calm, you don't want to lose your glasses like the last time", I said to myself and searched clumsily for the printed data I had with me. I started to read the articles for the 76th time. The second can of beer was open. In the same time, two young women open their bottles of beer and started to talk about some things like: "Oh yes, the last time we were partying, I completely blacked out...". That's very fascinating.
Then, an amazing thought came into my mind - although my earplugs were damaged, I bought new ones! It was a stroke of some genius in me! So I can listen to some nice music, and not the monotonous rhytm of the train mixed with the more and more relaxed atmosphere on the 2 sq. metres of the train corridor. Smiling vilely I plugged my new earplugs to my Korea-infected phone and... nothing. I checked, maybe I turned off the sound. Nope. Something's wrong.
Life hates me. I bought the damaged earplugs. The fifth, and last, cans of beer looked solitarily in the plastic bag...

   Yes, this way I had the chance to hear the stories of drunken guys who were coming from the police school to their hometown and were thinking (?) over staying at my city for fun. Their grammar was, if I had to translate it into English, "I goed" instead of "I went", you know what I mean. Their most interesting stories were how much they drank and how they passed out. Those two young women quickly joined them (one: 36, the other 34 years old, and married with kids). See, not my problem probably, but I couldn't stop myself from forming an opinion on them.
Will not say it, just because now Hong Kwangho is singing so beautifully on my playlist... mmm...
Those 5 people IQ combined was equal to my bust. And I'm not that busty person at all.
But if you think it was the end of my misery, nope.
Two days later I got the news, by the end of June I have to write 2 articles on the topic I presented during the conference - in my mother's tongue and in English. Each at least 20 pages long. Not too challenging anyway. Not under normal circumstances. You see, in 3 weeks (June 15) an exam period starts. By this time I have to hand the first chapter of my PhD disses (I have 2 pages so far). I have one exam waiting for me, and 3 exams to conduct for my students. Plus, 2 other articles to write.
That's not all. I got the information about the necessity to write the detailed script of the future courses and, of course, to make corrections to the description of this academic year's courses (the rules changed and... oh well, it's a hell) on the website. 3 courses next year, and believe me, writing the description is not that easy at all.
That's all? Nope. Some students are lazy and I'm a bitch, so I will have to give the "punishment", that is a text for translating, or another text they have to write (10 pages).

Moreover, you know, those dramas to watch...
This is why I will endure all this^^
I think I would wither without the Kdramaland.
And few ladies out there (mwah!).

But funny thing is, the first time I stayed in the hotel like in the movies, you know, long corridor, elevator and stuff^^
My drama-filled head started to work on this immediately, keke.

And my city, when the spring foliage hit it^^

The title of the post is the travestation of 2-episode of KNG drama Several Questions That Make Us Happy.
I'm on a heavy withdrawal syndrome...
I started to rewatch Bad Guy. There is no cure for that.