Monday, May 09, 2011

May thoughts

   May 8th - my little sis Birthday^^
Also, I meant to write so many meaningful posts here during the weekend, but instead I wasted my time on wine and doing nothing. I should get a degree on this one. OK, I did prepare for tomorrow's classes, and I have to say one thing - I really hate kabuki. No one, ever, EVAR, will convince me otherwise.
See, there was this time I started to love everything that had certain tag on it. It was year 1995.

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Mike Oldfiel - Five Miles Out:

Five miles out...
Just hold your heading to
got to get your finest out

   I was young, naive, absolutely without any skeletal frame for a constructive criticism. This is why I can mock and slant mercilessly nowadays fangirls. I know what it means.
The tag was: Japan. Oh yes, some of my dear ladies heard the story, my sister as well, so I won't share it here. But when you grow up, and actually care to develop as a normal human being, you need to put your rosy glasses aside and face the reality. I did, on my 3rd year of studies. I decided to finish it, despite hating everything about it. Apart from few friends and going to the clubs.

I'm moody because of New Tales of Gisaeng. Not sorry at all.
While browsing through our D-A threads today, I was struck with one thought (omo, finally! A thought!!). Both my sister and her hubby tease me with their mockery for kdrama. I don't care, I love it. But suddenly I wondered why is that some people are so fond of it, and some just find it stupid (without watching and without proper preparations). I belong to the first category. Not only me, some of my loveliest friends I ever had as well.
While reading a response on 49 Days thread on D-A, it suddenly struck me. We pour so many thoughts into it while the drama is running. We analyse scenes and sentences, we agree/disagree on small details, we rave and we hate. Why we are so eager to give few hours of our lives a week to some series? Isn't it an addiction?
Yes, it is, and there is no treatment for it. We have our own real-life lives, our problems, we struggle sometimes with difficulties in life, but dramas seem to comfort us. To distract us.

It may sound too bold to say that, but with some efforts combined, lots of people made D-A one of the most mature discussion boards on the net. I'm not saying this because I'm a member there. I'm a member to many other boards as well, and surprisingly enough, I got tired of them easily. I can't keep up with those who have all time in their hands, I can't reason with 14-years-olds, I don't like being attacked personally just because of my opinion. D-A, on the other hand, is full of normal people for whom a serious discussion is more valuable than "kyaaa, Oppa, saranghae!!" Of course, we joke like that, and mainly we know each other through those years, but it's not all. It's a place where we can express our opinion. Where we are not judged by teens whose only source of the world is their facebook page.
And this is why we think about certain scenes in the drama, we interpret it and we express ourselves.
This I find the most enjoyable thing among my other enjoyable things (like learning, keke).

And why magnolia as the anchor pic?
Magnolia will be always a symbol of the Philology Building on my University. There were two small magnolia trees in front of it.
Damn, I'm too late, it's May 9th now...