Saturday, January 30, 2010


I started to listen to Deli Spice... no big surprise - after watching The Classic. It's my kind of music - nice lyrics, good music, and very, very nice bass line^^.

Bass is my weakness, and I have something for bass players^^

Deli Spice info:
delispice, 델리스파이스
Formed: 1995
Place: Seoul

김민규 Kim Min-Kyu (vocals, guitar),
윤준호 Yoon Joon-Ho (vocals, bass),
오인록 Oh In-Rok (drums, 1995-97),
이승기 Lee Seung-Ki (keyboards, 1995-99),
최재혁 Choi Jae-Hyuk (vocals, drums, 1997-present),
양용준 Yang Yong-Joon (keyboards, 1999-2000)

They debuted in 1997 and first they became popular online, chosen by listeners as one of the most listened bands. However, Delispice has been always considered as underground, or indie band, and despite popularity, it has never lost this label. In the time they debuted, there were two main musical parties in Korea: mainstream dance pop and punk rock. Pop dominated (and still does), and punk rock was in the minority, although followed by a fame of a "cult" genre. Delispice was right there, in the middle, bringing to Korean music something fresh - ability and flexibility. Their first album is noisy in a punk-ish way. Their next albums show incredible progress. In the same time, music becomes softer, but not bland and without nerve. And for this, for creating a third party in Korean music, Delispice is considered to be a stepping stone. Their popularity transcends underground fancy and mainstream pop, bringing something refreshing. They are still considered as one of the greatest, underrated officially bands.

1997 - Delispice
1999 - Welcome To The Delihouse
2000 - Sad But True
2001 - D
2003 - Espresso
2006 - Bom bom

Few videos:
Missing You


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