Tuesday, January 04, 2011


   This is how a happy woman looks like. Like me now! In January filming to JJY's new movie starts. Movie is titled tentatively Countdown ( 카운트다운 ) and is directed by Heo Jongho, will be distributed by SidusFNH.
Plot: Beautiful swindler Cha Ha-Yeon (Jeon Doyeon) is released from prison and attempts one last major score by hustling debt collector Tae Gun-Ho (Jeong Jaeyoung). Tae-Gun-Ho risks everything to catch her ... (asianmediawiki).
Those two met in their previous movie No Blood No Tears, a gritty, gangster movie in which JJY played an ex-boxer, a pimp and a gangster. Perfect. This movie was also featured in the book about Korean cinema: Seoul searching: culture and identity in contemporary Korean cinema by Frances K. Gateward.
I'm still waiting for G-Love...
Picture: hancinema