Thursday, January 20, 2011

Weird news

   First, the neverending saga of battle between JYJ and SM Ent. The lawsuit was delayed to March 15th. It was supposed to end on January 18th, but due to the difference in statements on both sides, the Justice Department responded that in the remaining 2 months the conclusion will be made. Hmmm...
The second news, also on JYJ is... cats.

   Yes, cats. Both Jaejung and Junsu's cats have Twitter accounts. First it was fans' idea, but then, boys created it, I guess, I don't have a Twitter to check it. Or maybe fans?
Junsu has in total 6 cats (adopted^^) and formed a band called Cat Shin Ki (wahahaa!!).
Some more on our (??) boys. Fans are ready to set up the online TV station for them. Broadcast will start on March 3rd, and everything will be conducted by fans. The whole project will be operating as a non-profit organisation. 
One fan commented, “It will be done in the same style as ‘Radio 21.’  We’ve prepared a large server that will be able to handle a large influx of fans.“   Another fan added, “Through perseverance, we have prepared a broadcasting station for JYJ, who have been met with difficulties on preparing on public broadcasting networks.  We promise to immerse ourselves in JYJ and their music all day long, and to create a hot response so that public networks are forced to request their appearances on their shows.
A hiring message on the program’s board reads, “We’d like to alert everyone that there are people that have bought the necessary equipment with their own money.  The station will be run as non-profit, and hired staff (even if they have a Harvard diploma) will not be paid.  The members of JYJ will see this homepage (Wouldn’t they be curious?).
At such welcoming news, JYJ fans commented, “If we need a miracle, we will create it.  Fighting, JYJ and fans!,” “Can we donate, I want to help in any way I can,” and “This is a respectful act, you are creating miracles.”
Source + Photos: Review Star
cr : AKP, mumuy, 

Just one thing from me: I wouldn't mind immersing myself in 1/3rd od JYJ if... if this 1/3rd of JYJ stops singing like a maid, and the trio will make a slightly better album. Please^^

The other news?
Jonghyeon (SHINee) is in the hospital getting the surgery on his leg. But during the latest appearance on Music Bank he bowed deeply and apologized to his fans for... being in love.
I mean, how crazy is that?? Apparently, (put any adjective here) fan(girl)s think of a poor guys as their "property". I know, he showed some character by admitting he has a girlfriend, and by having a date with her (I bet in the dead of night, in the most remote corners of Seoul). Why a singer can't have the one he loves? It shows he's a normal human being not a robot, right? I mean, hell, as for me, the rest of SHINee doesn't count and I focused my attention from the start (ah, that two-colored haircut!) on this lovely boy, but I can't understand fangirls' behavior. It's STUPID, immature, obssessive, possessive and idiotic. Yes, I can say it personally to every girl who says some crap because her idol is in the relationship. Deal with that.

End of my bad mood ranting. But I will be back with more, I feel I've been slacking lately with pouring some venom all over.
Now off to QoR... mehehe...