Saturday, January 08, 2011

2010 - R.I.P.

   I think I should do this beforehand, but somehow it wasn't my first thought few days ago. 2010 ended, and I'm glad. Months after March were bad and deteriorated quickly. Maybe it's because I'm getting older and bitter? I'm alive and I should be grateful for that, but partly I'm grateful to myself, because I toned down my reckless behavior, and started to, at least, act cautious every few days.
   I'm grateful for few beautiful souls out there I was given to meet. For all my Thorns and Queens of Lus... Luscious Words. I'm happy I spent so much time on many, many topics with them. That kept me sane, in a way.
As for other things: career-wise and interest-wise. My so called "research career" got accelerated. I went to few (ok, so far 2) conferences and it was nice. This year will be even busier, I can see it even now.
I started to blog. I remember myself saying that blogging is a stripping, an exhibitionistic behavior, but somehow I figured that one doesn't have to write about personal feelings and poison the world with another Weltschmerz. Stating the opinion is completely different than writing about "oh how world does hate me and I have no reason to live". So do it and stop whining, I'd say!
And I'm happy few people found this blog useful. To all readers - thank you and stay tuned^^
This one is longer, because my personal life is of no relevance here.
2010 was a good year in dramaland. We had dramas that were great, good, average, mediocre and Marry Me Marry.
And this is my personal list of few dramas I enjoyed last year, not in particular order, although Life Is Beautiful won my heart immediately, and for 6 months I was so hooked, and even now I'm re-watching. I watched more, but some I dropped somewhere, some I didn't enjoy to the point of listing here, yet didn't dislike them. Each of them was bringing something new into my days, or maybe even life.

Life Is Beautiful

Seongkyunkwan Scandal



Gumiho: Tale of the Fox's Child

Harvest Villa 

Bad Guy


Smile, You

Personal Taste 


Prosecutor Princess (I just finished it, but it's 2010 drama, so it's here^^)

We also had OSTs and scores in dramas, and to name only a handful of good, if not great, ones: Bad Guy, Chuno, Jejoongwon, SKKS, Pasta.

We had also few bad dramas. And by bad, I mean subjectively horrible. They are: Marry Me, Mary (an absolute winner during my personal Crap Awards), Mischievous Kiss, My Girlfriend is Nine Tailed Fox, King of Baking Kim Takgu (yes, I'm weird, going against >50% ratings in Korea), Hero, A Man Called God, Kim Soo Ro, etc.

My main object of critical worship went into the army. (yes, this is a breaking event, a crucial point, you stupid woman, aigoo). My other "wuv" got the army musical. And another one got a marvellous debut in a drama.
My Main Korean Actor God got Blue Dragon for the Best Actor.

We witnessed another useless death of a young, talented actor, Park Yong Ha.

We witnessed how scary music entertainment can be (DBSK case).

We had few great or good movies as well: Lovers Vanished, Iggi (Moss), Ha Ha Ha, Ajeosshi, Barefoot Dream, Poetry, Housemaid, Paju, Bestseller.

To sum up, drama-wise, 2010 was good. I just hope 2011 will be equally good. If it surpasses, I won't be mad either, heh^^

Oh, and why a japchae as a picture anchor? It's my favorite dish (apart from bibimbap) and I learned how to make it in 2010^^
Have fun in 2011!
Love you all!