Sunday, January 09, 2011

JYJ - HoMin war

   Eh, Junsu, what have you done? Don't you know that SM Ent never forgives? What were the rest of JYJ expecting? A warm: "OK, good luck, go your own way" message? I was just waiting for HoMin's single release and even more - for the reaction of SM Ent. Because even though the agency stepped down from its irrational and idiotic request (not to show any news, songs, MVs of JYJ on all 3 main broadcasts, KBS, SBS, MBC), somehow, under my skin (pun!), I felt it was preparing some blow. To be honest, I didn't pay any attention to Keep Your Head Down lyrics, because I didn't like the song. Now, I came across few articles about the war that started among Cassiopeia, and two sides. Junsu tried to reason with that, but this started  a war.
I may be biased, because in all this year-long feud I was on the trio side. I couldn't understand why the two hesitated. Were they afraid of the outcome? So now they are on the SM Ent's leash?

The controversy is going on over on Twitter. I don't have an account, and I don't intend to, but seeing all this, makes me wonder if twitter/facebook is such a great thing as they say. I think it's easier to communicate, but it's easier to go on verbal war this way. Well, nevermind, twitter is not the case here.
I thought it would be frozen, the whole situation. Some fans will remain with JYJ, and the rest will follow HoMin. Still (as Yucheon said) they are DBSK, no matter what. Maybe SM Ent should issue reeditions of their albums and remove all three vocals from there? This way, it would erase any J-Y-J trace from the records.
Still, there was no official statement during any pres conference. Just tweets. HoMin remained cool in Entertainment Relay and explained that lyrics are about "man's wish to overcome the breakup". Hmm...

Well, my mind is set, and here are those (translated by great fans) articles and tweets:

This can’t be true… I came to believe that those things was the enemy of all five of us, however now I think not all of us see it that way. Seeing how you express your gratitude to someone who was our enemy, makes me wonder… there must be a lot of things that happened when we were apart for a long time. I’m getting tired.
And soon followed:
I try to think, see and listen only to the good things from all these times, but just today I find it really difficult. Even though we’re apart, this isn’t right, Hyung. We used to share the same thought. Why are you doing this.
“I must love everything.. I must embrace everything.. I must embrace all of that.. That’s what I should do.. ^^” and “On our beautiful dream, all this is, is an ordeal we must face right now.. When the flowers fall, we will start again.. start again.. start again.. again.. we have to.”
And the press conference was all puzzled, because the rest of JYJ didn't know how to react. True, Junsu was a bit out of line maybe, but he was emotional. I can understand that in a way. When you feel suffocating hand of unfairness, you have to say something. He did.
Junsu was then asked about his tweets at a press conference regarding their upcoming album, ‘Music Essay – Their Rooms‘, in Seoul. Reporters asked, “What kind of feelings did you have when you were writing those tweets?”. Park Yucheon also expressed confusion, turning to ask, “I’m also curious why you wrote that. Why did you do that?
Junsu merely offered a short smile and a stiff expression before politely saying, “It’s time to go now“. He then left his seat.
Junsu stated at the press conference, “This past year there were both good times and bad times. It was a learning experience. This year, we’re going to show a better image of ourselves.” Kim Jaejoong expressed apologies for the way things had turned out, saying, “We could’ve handled our disputes in a more proper manner, I’m deeply sorry for the bad disputes we caused.”

And the long tweet of Junsu's friend about the situation, trying to calm down the enraged fans, or even reason with the rest of the mess called DBSK-breakup. It's about Junsu's song "Fallen Leaves"

“This is Junsu’s heart not for a girl he loves… but it was written for you fans (Cassies) and the other 2 members (Homin). This was why he was so devastated by the lyrics to KYHD. Please stop bashing Junsu. He is a sweet angel from heaven…. He only deserves our love and support. Let’s always stay by his side so he can stand on a grand stage to sing this song for us again with a HUGE smile and joy in his heart. We love you Junsu! We’ll always stand by you no matter what… because we know who you really are… we know your true heart… we know your character… that’s who we all fell in love with… and nothing will ever change that.
“This line, “the brightness of the star’s lights” is referring to Cassies… the stars in the sky… Cassiopeia shining bright… but where is that bright light now? It’s being stifled by bitter fighting and hate. Please let the li…ght shine brightly again. Please be proud stars in the sky. Please show not only JYJ or Homin but to the rest of the world… that Cassies are a proud fanclub… Cassies show love and not hate. Cassies forgive and do not point fingers… Cassies always stand by the boys… because love never changes.
“One day, I was with Junsu… he shared a song with me in the car that he’d written. It was still unfinished and we heard it through his phone… It only had the music with no lyrics yet… I asked him where the lyrics were… he smiled and …started sharing the lyrics with me… he started talking about how most people would interpret this song as love between a man and a woman. But he said his intentions were written that this song is between him (JYJ) and the fans (Cassies). He also said it was towards Homin. He looks forward to standing on the same stage with them someday. Until then, he’ll just wait and love. Junsu’s last 2 tweets after all this happened were the lyrics to this song. He was very emotional that day thinking about the DBSK days as 5. Can you imagine how he’s feeling now? People have totally misunderstood his heart and made him a liar and betrayer. Junsu is so innocent. You can see and hear his pure heart in this song. Remember, this song was written BEFORE all this chaos started. Please… don’t spread and increase the hate. Cassies must stay united. Cassies must stay strong for their boys. Don’t let something that took 7 years to build crumble overnight.”

Quoted after: Naver, Nate, Sharing Yoochun, Tohosomnia, @010xiahtic, and @christabel88, @rosefairyy, @elbowyeish, and everyxings